Sports Marketing & Media: How to Gain More Followers

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Sports Marketing & Media: How to Gain More Followers

In terms of developing a solid sports marketing & social media strategy for your up and coming professional sports team, there’s nothing more important than cultivating solid fan engagement!

Social media in sports marketing is often used as a platform for building a steady group of followers for both of a brand’s social media account and websites! 

If your team already has quite a group of sports fans following them in every sports event they’re in, growing fan engagement will be easier. Despite this, it’s also easy to get lost in the world of social media management and sports marketing

And in hopes of helping teams get started, Creatitive has listed down great tips on how to gain more followers!

The Journey to Sports Marketing And Fan Engagement

Behind every large sports team social media account is a solid strategy built from customer profiles and industry trends. Teams don’t just earn followers that easily — especially now when the competition for online presence is rough. 

Here are some great tips on how you can cultivate great fan engagement and improve your sports marketing! 

Develop a Solid Brand Before Marketing

The first part of any sports social media strategy is to come up with a solid brand that represents your team. It’s important for you to remember that a successful team of athletes needs to stand on its own, even when the roster changes. The best place to start is by working with a dedicated expert to help you create an athlete branding plan.

Marketers will be able to help you create a consistent voice and identify your values to build a cohesive brand. A solid brand makes planning a marketing campaign much easier. Having a better understanding of what you stand for, the message you want to communicate and the people you want to communicate with will give you a better idea on the marketing strategies that work for your target audience and your business model. 

Another key point to keep in mind is that your brand is what your fans see in your marketing materials and merchandise alike—it’s not just about the individual athletes. It’s what you stand for. When you build that up and develop it into a rock-solid brand, fans can stand behind your brand for decades to come. 

Implement a Content Writing And Marketing Strategy

Content writing involves creating fun content for social media profiles and blogs — but there’s more to it than dashing off a few social media posts. You’ll also need to build a usable and informative sports website.

You need to understand your target audience—your fans—and create content they’ll willingly engage with. Marketers can help you cultivate customer profiles that will allow you to identify which works for them and which doesn’t. Afterwards, you’ll also need to build a usable and informative sports website. That same content needs to be optimized for search engines so new fans can find your site in the first place.

Content writing with search engine optimization practices in place will help increase your website’s traffic and ranking. This makes it easier for people to find your information and stay up-to-date with your events. It’s an integral part of every sports marketing & social media strategy and can help you dominate with the most popular  athlete marketing trends.

Get on Social Media Marketing

If your team is not on social media, you’re missing out on hundreds or even thousands of potential fans and followers. Sports marketing and social media has cultivated a relationship between one another, nowadays its hard for marketers to think of them separately.

Start building your sports social media strategy and create accounts on all major social media platforms. Some of the greatest places to start with are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. Once you build profiles, start posting regularly.

This helps cement your athlete branding plan by making your brand visible to more people. Do what you can to interact with your followers and create a reputation for being involved in your sports. Remember, your followers love to feel that their engagement with your posts is valued.

Use your social media profiles to build connections with fans and show the personal side of your brand. This is considered to be a fool-proof way of marketing teams and athletes online. 

Be A Consistent Marketer 

Above all, be consistent with your sports marketing & social media strategy. The more consistent you are, the more followers you’ll attract. Think of your strategy as a numbers game. When you put enough information and content out there online, you increase your chances of getting noticed.

The more people notice, the more your brand can grow. Posting once in a blue moon isn’t going to be enough to keep fans coming back for more. If this sounds like too much work to take on yourself, look for an experienced social media marketers and let them monitor your profiles. They’ll be able to respond on your behalf and can do it faster than you would on your own.

Review Your Post’s Marketing Performance

Some social media posts and website content will perform better than others. Use this to your advantage. Review your performance with a marketer at least once every quarter or anytime you notice something really taking off. When you review your performance regularly, you can better tailor future content to mimic the things that worked best in the past.

During that review, make a note of the things that tanked so you can avoid them in the future. If you’re partnering with a dedicated sports marketing company, their marketers will help you identify those techniques quickly.

Interact with Fans 

We really can’t stress this enough—the more you interact with your fans, the more personal your brand becomes. This makes it easier for them to support you even during those off-seasons when you just aren’t performing to the best of your ability.

Marketers suggest making interacting with your fans a priority across all platforms. Remember, fans and followers often bring in new followers. When they feel that they’re important to you, they’ll be more likely to recruit new fans for you.

Marketing Your Daily Life

Most athletes use their social media accounts to showcase their daily life outside the court and it really works. This is because sports fans love to see what their favorite players usually do off the court. You can start marketing your lifestyle by sharing workout sessions and diet regimens that help you stay in shape.

Your fans are sure to appreciate you opening up your personal life to them and will be inclined to engage more!

Marketing Appropriately

Sharing your life outside the court is a great thing, but a boundary needs to be created between what is appropriate and what isn’t. Celebrities sharing unflattering information about themselves happens almost all the time. Hence, it’s worth reiterating to yourself that you are a representative of your sport and your team. Share wisely!

Why An Engaged Following Matters

No matter the business model or brand, almost everyone knows how important social media is today — especially a great following. But despite this, not everyone is well-versed enough in social media management to know that numbers alone is not enough.

While it may seem like gaining followers is an easy feat, having then engaged and involved is tricky. In today’s competitive market, your followers must be engaged and involved. When consumers are engaged, they are more likely to transact with a brand and every transaction could lead to user-generated content.

Don’t just focus on gaining these followers, set your mind in turning them into engaged supporters that will purchase your product and create content about it online.

Get Help From An Expert

It’s tempting to try to increase your followers on your own, but you don’t have to. Work with a dedicated marketing team today and see the difference for yourself.

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