Sports Digital Marketing: 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now

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Sports Digital Marketing: 5 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now

Everyone knows that marketing drives merchandise sales, game attendance, and fan interactions. But not every sports digital marketing campaign works as flawlessly as it should. In fact, many underperform, leaving their team managers wondering just what went wrong. Well, it’s unlikely that anything went well and truly wrong. You probably just aren’t doing the things you should in the right way. Here are a few key marketing tasks that will make even the best sports digital marketing campaigns more successful than you thought possible.

1. Focus on Fan Engagement

We talk about this a lot and for good reason. Fan engagement is the easiest way to improve your sports digital marketing strategy. Your fans are the backbone of your team. Without them, no one watches you perform. Interact with them on social media, share content that shows who your team members are when they’re not playing, and let your fans get to know them. Answer their questions, and share special promotions and deals. Reward them for their loyalty.

2. Be Consistent

Think about the materials you’re sharing. Are your logos, fonts, colors, and designs consistent? If so, great! You’re doing things right. But if they’re not, fix it…now. Your brand matters and it needs to be consistent across every platform you use. Otherwise, fans can get confused or think the things they’re seeing aren’t approved by your team.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Most people these days have a smartphone and they use it for everything from buying tickets to checking social media. Make sure your website and online stores are optimized for mobile devices. This will take a bit of design work and tweaking, but your fans will thank you.

4. Make It Personal

The best sports digital marketing campaigns connect with their target audience. This means making your message personal and appealing to the emotional side of your audience. Think about what makes your fans connect with your team and build on that. If you’re struggling, let our pros help you tell your story.

5. Review the Performance

It’s always tempting to set up your sports digital marketing campaign and let it run its course. But that doesn’t mean you should. You need to review its performance and make sure it’s reaching the people you want it to. If it’s not, make the necessary changes quickly. You’ll get better performance and better traction.

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