Telltale Signs That You Need Fitness PPC Now

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Telltale Signs That You Need Fitness PPC Now

To harness the power and traffic of the world’s biggest search engine or not? In the immortal words of Shakespeare, that is the question.

For your fitness business to grow and you must be ready to focus on simple, crucial metrics, advertising can lead to exponential growth. Paid advertising and fitness PPC can be the light at the beginning or middle of the tunnel rather than a last desperate gasp. With the help of professional service, it can help you become the recognized and the go-to business.


So how does Google Adwords work?

So, let us start with Google Adwords which is Google’s advertising platform. It enables companies, including private practices just like yours, to advertise directly to a target audience.

A Google user search terms or words linked to what they want to find, called keywords. When they hit ‘enter’ Google’s digital brain kicks into gear using its impressive insights and algorithms to return both unpaid (“organic”) and paid results. The organic search results are free and your site’s organic ranking is built on several search marketing metrics.

Google’s first page is golden. The vast majority do not look past the first page of results. So while you may offer incredible value and insights, if you’re not here, you may as well be nowhere. And “nowhere” won’t grow your practice.

When a search result is returned it will, most often, show both paid and unpaid options. PPC ads sit at the top and to the right-hand side of the page, fronted by a small ‘Ad’ sign. They’re placed to catch attention, as you can see in the below example. You can take advantage of this strategically placed listing by combining the power of the dollar and a Google ads account.

PPC advertising is an affordable way to get a brand noticed and increase sales. If you are having concerns about not getting results, here are the signs that you need to switch services and work with the real AdWords and PPC experts immediately.


  1. Low Click-Through Rates

One of the markers of digital marketing success with pay per click advertising is the click-through rate (CTR), which is the ratio of click-throughs per 100 ad impressions. If your CTR is below the average of 2% that most advertisers with good PPC campaigns achieve, there is a problem somewhere.


  1. Low Conversion Rate for the Dollars Spent

Effective Google ads experts and PPC services should help get a good ROI. If your conversion rate is lower than it should be when still spending money on ads, the strategy is probably wrong. Increasing conversions requires the use of search and display for the same keywords, bidding on the right keywords at the right times, and many other techniques essential for bringing in conversions.  


  1. Reorganizing or Starting a New Adwords Account

Whether you are starting from scratch or reorganizing an old Adwords account, there is much to learn about pay per click services. Before spending an entire advertising budget, consider enlisting the assistance of professional PPC marketers. They can help organize your account and develop effective PPC strategies, if only just to get started.


  1. Not Enough Time

Profitable pay per click advertising requires a substantial time investment. If you are already handling other marketing strategies and business needs, the chance of Adwords strategies going by the wayside is high. An account needs consistent monitoring and strategizing for it to be effective.   

  1. Low Keyword Quality Score

Keyword quality scores are assigned by search engines based on keyword relevance, CTR, quality of landing pages, and many other details. Higher scores result in lower ad costs for better placement. If your score is below 5, you need to analyze the various parts of the paid search campaign. This will determine what is bringing the score down. This is most easily done by working with skilled AdWords experts and PPC services experienced at troubleshooting such problems.


  1. Disorganized Adwords Campaigns

Profitable pay per click advertising campaigns require meticulous organization and campaign planning. It is easy to have a ton of poorly organized keyword groups. Good PPC strategies require great organization.


  1. Unsure About Bidding, Budgeting, and Campaign Strategies

Success with PPC services means having a good understanding of many topics and practices. To plan the best strategies and get the best results, you must learn effective keyword bidding and more. If this all sounds foreign and you have no idea where to even begin, an investment in professionals help will go far in helping generate the most effective PPC campaigns.

If any of the above applies to you, it’s time to seek the assistance of experienced professional services. With the right guidance, unresponsive campaigns can be turned into profit-building campaigns set strategies. There is a lot to know about pay per click advertising. Spend your ad budget wisely on PPC services that will achieve actual results and grow your business!

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