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You always want to put as much of your operation on autopilot as possible.

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No matter what type of company you have, you always want to put as much of your operation on autopilot as possible. It saves you time, money, and more importantly frees up resources you can otherwise use to grow your brand. With a solid content marketing funnel, you’ll be able to do just that. But the more your company grows, the more you’ll start relying on email to sell your products, grow your client base, and improve the quality of your leads.


After all, you’re in the business to help people, finding ways to meet their needs with your services and products. But those emails need to capture their attention and their imagination. Each one should inspire action and that means you’ll need well-written content first and foremost. At Creatitive, we excel in creating content marketing strategies and funnels that bring in leads, increase site traffic, and drive sales. Let us help you develop your content marketing strategy!


Innovative Marketing Funnel Strategies


The right email funnel allows you to check in with customers as they move from inquiring about your services to making an appointment or purchase. And each step is an opportunity to connect with them and make them better informed about how your company can help meet their needs. By integrating an email funnel into your existing marketing strategy, we’ll help you take your content marketing game to the next level.

Our Content Marketing & Email Funnel Services

At Creatitive, we offer a suite of content marketing services that can help your business grow and succeed, including:

Email Lists: Customers won’t subscribe to your newsletter or give you their email address if they feel you don’t value their business. With the right subscription form, we’ll increase your subscribers, build your email list, and grow your network automatically.

Email Newsletters: Email newsletters are a great way to educate your customers and promote products. As part of your content marketing funnel, we’ll create actionable and inspiring content that will keep your customers coming back.

Email Automation Funnels: Email automation funnels send out emails to clients when they take certain actions like ordering a product or asking for more information. We’ll help you craft the response so it has the most impact with your customers.

Email is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal. You own the information. You can target your promotions to reach the right customers without worrying about vague ads or strange social media regulations. You’re in control and it’s up to you to make it work. Let us help you make the right decisions for getting started and adjusting your strategy along the way.

Let our team take the stress out of building the email portion of your content marketing funnel strategies.