Reach Your Goals with Ongoing Discovery Work

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Hone in on your goals and get recommendations that help take your business to the next level.

The internet is a dynamic place and it changes every day, just like your business.


That means your website needs to change with the times. There’s always something you can change and improve. But if you’re not sure where to start, creating the perfect layout and design mockups on your own can feel almost impossible.


Our supplemental discovery work allows you to hone in on your goals and get recommendations that help take your business to the next level. With a solid marketing strategy created by industry experts who are committed to your success, you’ll be unstoppable.

What to Expect from Additional Discovery Work

Since your business is unique, your additional discovery sessions will be tailored to your needs. If you’re worried about the layout of your website, we’ll discuss options and run through the types of sites you like to better understand your preferences. If you want to see design mockups of specific pages to better visualize your options, our team can help. What we’ll do:

Identify New Solutions: There’s more to a website than creating basic pages. During additional discovery work, we’ll help you decide on the features you want to see on your new website.

Determine a Timeline: Design work and analysis takes time, but we always strive to stick to your schedule. During additional discovery sessions, we’ll discuss your upcoming events, promotions, and needs to further prioritize tasks and your ideal completion schedule.

Goal Setting & Planning: Additional discovery work allows us to better understand your goals and create a long-term strategy to guide you to success.

After the initial consultation and roadmapping process, we’ll have more than enough information to create a solid website design and marketing strategy to lead you to success. But with additional consultations, we’ll be able to put a more personal spin on our work and create a truly customized experience that will help you dominate the competition.

Advanced discovery sessions are ideal for business owners looking to take their companies to new heights while maintaining complete control over the entire process and analysis. It’s a chance to dive in, understand why things work, and sets you up for success for years to come. And you can do it at any time. Launching a new product or service? Schedule a consultation and start the discovery process so you can start out on the right foot the moment you launch.