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Increase your online visibility in the blink of an eye. Our Scottsdale agency’s pay-per-click services put your compelling ad at the top of search results.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services from a Trusted Scottsdale Agency


From SEO to social media marketing to web development, there are so many elements of digital marketing that can help your business succeed in its online endeavors. But the results of these campaigns typically take time. If you’re looking for immediate results, consider using Creatitive’s pay-per-click services.


Our Scottsdale agency’s paid search marketing service combines keyword research, competitive analysis, and ad creation to make your brand more visible to the target audience. Paid search operates using the pay-per-click online advertising model which gives you full control of ad expenditure. You have the power to stop running the ads when your budget has reached its limit or when you’d rather allocate it elsewhere.


We recommend PPC marketing as a way to let your target audience know who you are. It’s also a manageable marketing plan budget-wise. Let’s discuss your campaign today.

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You benefit from our Scottsdale agency’s paid media service in three ways. First, it puts your ad to the top of organic search results — no need to wait for your SEO strategy to boost your rankings. Second, it boosts brand awareness by making your ad the first thing that users see on their search results. Third, it turns more leads into customers through remarketing ads.


Learn more about our PPC marketing strategies:

Step 1: Conducting Keyword Research

Our paid media specialists conduct meticulous keyword research and competitive analysis. This lets us know what your target audience is searching for and what they’re clicking on.

Step 2: Building the PPC Campaign

After finalizing a suitable keyword group for your featured product or service, our PPC marketers build a paid search campaign for your brand. We make sure your campaign stands out.

Step 3: Launching Your PPC Ads

There’s no need to worry about creating the actual ad copies and designing the ad graphics. We’ll take care of all this for you. Then upon your approval, we’ll launch these eye-catching ads.

Step 4: Monitoring the Campaign

Our job isn’t over after successfully launching your campaign. Our PPC specialists will constantly monitor your ad’s traffic and click-through rate, and make recommendations for improvement.

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Why Work with Creatitive


Creatitive knows just how competitive the online environment can get. Our paid media specialists pull out all the stops to build a PPC campaign that stands out and compels your target audience to make a call to action. Work with us today and we’ll boost the number of people who end up on your landing page.

We offer customized web marketing solutions.
Our PPC campaigns complement your business goals and overall digital marketing strategy.

We value client relationships.
Our paid media specialists and digital marketing experts always put you and your concerns first.

We provide a dedicated team to help your business grow.
Work with a paid media specialists who will focus on your specific objectives and goals.

We help optimize your marketing costs.
PPC provides flexibility in terms of ad expenditure. Let’s make the most of your marketing budget.

We provide transparency with our work.
Transparency is the basis of trust. Our agency makes sure you know how the campaign is doing.

Creatitive is a company offering online marketing services and works with local small businesses in Scottsdale, AZ. We are your partner in harnessing the power of digital marketing for your business. Trust our Scottsdale digital marketing agency to establish a robust online presence for your brand so you can raise more awareness, gain more leads, and convert more visitors into customers.