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It doesn’t matter what size sports business you run, deciding who, when and how you will handle your digital marketing and sports brand management is always a question to ask.  

Encompassing all online methods of marketing, digital marketing includes social media, SEO management, media strategy, graphic design, PPC management, content writing, email marketing, video, and much more.  

outsourcing marketing can lessen the burden your businessThere are, of course, plenty of benefits to having an in-house marketing member of staff, but how can you reasonably expect one person to do all the things listed above, let alone be an expert in all areas and do them well?  

Whilst it is useful to have someone in-house, don’t they at the very least need support? It might well be that in fact, you find it is a wiser decision to outsource your sports marketing and sports brand management. It’s time to get a brand manager for sports onboard.

Furthermore, according to Deloitte, there are over 78% of business worldwide that feel very positive about outsourcing roles.

So, if that doesn’t convince you, here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider outsourcing your sports marketing:

1. Lower your operational costs

Depending on where you are in the USA, you could be paying the average of $60,000 – $72,000, for sports brand management jobs, and for more experience and someone more senior you could be looking at upwards of $80,000. 

Not to mention the cost of holiday pay, national insurance, sick pay, pension contributions, and any other benefits you may want to offer. 

Outsourcing your sports marketing with an agency that can offer a collaborative approach, be an extension of your sports company, and with bucket loads of experience can offer a flexible approach to your marketing, costing anything from $300 a month.

Overall, outsourcing can be much more budget-friendly and allow for much more flexibility.  

2. Gain a higher level of expertise for less 

Most SMBs do not want to apportion a salary as high as maybe $40k-$60k to hire an experienced marketer and brand managers for a sports team.

A team covering all you might need could cost your business up to $300,000 if you consider you would want an expert in PPC, an expert in SEO, a content writer, a web developer, a graphic designer, and possibly more. Adds up when you start to think about it doesn’t it? 

Marketing agencies build their reputation on their expertise, on having an in-depth knowledge of the areas of marketing that work for who, when, and where. They employ and collaborate with marketers who are passionate about staying on top of the latest trends and always seeking to advance their knowledge.  

Ultimately outsourcing your sports marketing to an agency allows for your business to benefit from higher-level, more experienced talent at a fraction of the price of a full-time marketer. 

3. Less hassle 

make your marketing hassle freeYou are running a business, you have the ideas, you are juggling moving the business forward, managing the staff, checking on sales, and much more. Have you really the time to sit down and consider your marketing strategy, commit to it and manage its implementation? If having no sports brand management services limited you before, it would not happen again.

Take your sports marketing department out of the building or provide your in-house marketer with the comprehensive support they need to make the marketing work efficiently in the background. You can then focus on what is important to you and be able to not worry about the minutiae of your brand awareness, PR, website updates, social media posts, and much, much more.

A professional sports marketing agency will keep you abreast of the facts you need to know and not disturb you more than twice a month. That said if you need weekly updates they will do this too. Making sure you are all working towards the same goals is important, so make sure you like your agency people and have a good rapport with them.

Make sure openness and transparency are in their methods of work from the get-go.  

So when are you going to outsource?  

Get more bang for your buck and have a sports management agency be your outsourced marketing department.  Often this can help you clarify what your business really needs and help you focus your money on brand marketing that will work.

With a more experienced team, you will be challenged in a good way, advised in the best way, after all, you do not just want yes people who will not tell you when something might not work?  

Outsourcing will save you money and provide a more experienced marketing team that works when necessary and doesn’t waste your time or your money. 

While each situation may have its own unique needs, outsourcing can help you determine what will work best and provide you with effective marketing that doesn’t cost the earth. 

Creatitive can run your campaigns so you can run your business. Don’t have a huge budget for sports marketing? You may be interested in our flexible support package. Doing something is better than nothing! Visit our website now and let our experts help you today.

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