Raising Fund for Athlete Foundation Using Social Media

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Raising Fund for Athlete Foundation Using Social Media

Those who run a professional athletes foundation always have fundraising running in their minds. Being seen as leaders in helping people, they are constantly looking for more ways to support athletes in need or challenged athletes. 

Whether they’re thinking about new physical activities or events, they’re constantly on their toes to keep regular donations coming in — especially now that social media has inherently changed the game for fundraisers.

Ultimately, the internet and social media has changed the game for athletes charities & foundations. And while it may be true that the emergence of sites like GoFundMe or Crowdfunding poses a challenge, athlete organizations can still use them to their advantage. 

Learn how you can harness the power of the internet and social media platforms in raising money! But before anything else, let’s first discuss its role to charity organizations. 

Why Social Media Matters to Nonprofit Campaigns

Unlike during the early years of the Internet when everyone thought social media was just a mere pastime, the digital space has invaded all aspects of almost every industry today. Not to mention that it has driven trends in terms of consuming products while still continuing to change the world every minute of the day. 

If brands or businesses want to be heard by their respective target audiences, social media is the best way to go — regardless if it’s about a new event or a new product. Even government agencies as well as non-profit organizations have spent hours on building a social media presence — and it’s not hard to understand why. 

With at least almost everyone switching from one social media app to another, charities can easily reach out to audiences everywhere. They can promote existing fundraising campaigns or they can share how their work has changed the lives of people all around the world.

Additionally, it opens your door to interactivity. You can actively answer questions regarding your foundation real time, helping you build a strong relationship with the audience. You can connect to potential donors and community leaders all at the same time!

And aside from these advantages, recent studies have revealed just how effective this method is. According to a research, 29% of online donors cited social media as the number one communication tool that inspires them most to donate. Furthermore, 55% of people who have engaged with nonprofit organizations on social media led to an action — either donating or volunteering. 

Ultimately, social media platforms can be a great advantage for athletes’ foundations — just take a look at the 2018 Challenged Athletes Foundation gala. Instead of sticking by their normal press releases, the family foundation decided to extend the campaign into social media! 

How to Get Started

Just like adaptive sports equipment, nonprofit athlete organizations should be able to make use of the resources it has. So instead of being intimidated by digital marketing, take the leap and learn how you can use social media to leverage your campaigns!

While social media platforms definitely give you a channel to send your messages, the difficulty lies in being heard. With almost everyone promoting their own thing, it’s hard to grab the attention of audiences.

So, to get you started, Creatitive has listed down some of the most useful tips!

Focus on a Few Networks

It’s tempting to dip your toe in every social media network out there. But doing so could spread your efforts too thin. Pick two or three social media platforms and focus on building those channels as much as possible. 

Look at the networks your donors use most heavily and focus on those channels. If your audience is already using those platforms, it’s easier for your content to reach them regularly.

Post More Than Just Fundraising Requests

Sure, fundraising for your nonprofit organization is the main reason you’re getting involved in social media. This makes it tempting to focus your posts on fundraising goals, asking donors, followers, and fans for money. Don’t. That type of activity is the easiest ways to lose followers.

The fewer followers you have, the fewer people your organization will reach. Instead, post updates, share stories, and interact with your followers naturally. You can still ask for donations, but it should never be the primary purpose of your posts.

Reach Out for Help

Your followers are your biggest asset when it comes to raising money for your professional athlete  nonprofit foundation. Don’t be afraid to ask them for help. Your followers each have a network of people that follow them on social media. 

When they post about your fundraising needs, their posts reach more people than yours alone can. You might just get donations from people clear across the country!

Get Advice from Our Social Media Marketing Team For Nonprofits

Social media can be confusing and time-consuming. If you find yourself struggling to manage your social media accounts on top of running your athlete organization, get help. Our experienced team understands how to make the most out of every social media post. Request a quote today.

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