qualities of a good sports marketing consultant

There is plenty of marketing consulting firms on the market claiming they have the practice, means, and strategy to improve your business’ current marketing plan. With so many firms available, it can be overwhelming and daunting to separate the good from the bad. 

When coming up with your strategy on social media for sports businesses, it’s important to know how to distinguish your marketing posts for different platforms. What most marketers fail to do when creating their sports marketing strategy is knowing how to create content specialized for specific social media platforms.

In the sports industry, there is plenty of marketing consulting firms on the market claiming they have the practice, means, and strategy to improve your business’ current marketing plan. With so many firms available, it can be overwhelming to separate the good sports marketing consultant from the bad.

Finding The Right Marketing Consulting Firm

If you’re considering working with a marketing consulting firm, its experts should possess a majority, if not all five, of the qualities below.


Working with marketing consulting firms guarantees experienced staff in a number of areas: content writing, design, social media, and more, with the ability to handle any marketing challenges. These firms evolve with the times, staying on top of industry trends, such as email marketing campaigns, website development, and SEO.

Experienced firms have expertise in diverse areas, with a track record that proves their methods are effective and their previous campaigns were successful. Don’t be afraid to ask for a reference list—effective marketing consulting firms aren’t afraid to pass that out. A good sports marketing firm has proven strategies that work, so businesses know they will be in good hands.


You may be stuck inside the same box, which is why you want to hire a sports marketing consulting firm—because its experts think outside of it. Good sports marketing consultants have the creative skills to come up with innovative campaigns and tactics that attract audiences in a new way. They work with staff to understand the business first, and then develop a marketing strategy that gains the attention of your target audience.

Online marketers often have strong backgrounds in design and copywriting. A crucial element in digital marketing is creativity and innovation and both are as essential as any other quality. It’s not enough to be able to keep up with your competition; you need to come up with something better and different with each and every project.

It’s hard to be creative when you’re doing the same thing every day. With the help of visionary teams, firms generate new ideas businesses may not have previously thought of to show companies in a new light. They work to weave companies’ brand awareness and stories in a way that appeals to the market and gives an advantage over competitors in the same industry.

They put you first

A good sports marketing consulting firm is a business, and like any business, it also needs to make a profit. A good firm, though, doesn’t act solely in its own interest—its acts as your partner. By creating successful sports marketing campaigns for their clients, this, in turn, helps them. They care about the long-term goals to improve companies, and they understand what drives business growth, resulting in everybody benefitting.

Marketing consulting firms foster healthy relationships with sports businesses, by putting the businesses’ needs before their own. When a business’ user engagement and revenue improves, so do the firm’s. These firms are hired to create effective strategies for businesses that need marketing assistance, meaning their clients’ needs come first, and a good firm sees to that.

Passion and enthusiasm

Marketing is a creative industry. Employees can’t just come in, do their jobs, and go home. The digital marketing team is the driving force behind the campaign, strategy, and technology: It needs to be willing to take risks to launch bold action plans that achieve the biggest impact.

Great digital marketers all have this trait in common. They are bloodhounds, driven to learn more and uncover the greater truths within their industries, disciplines, and data. All the platitudes about lifelong learning apply, but this is something deeper. It’s not just improvement of self, but of anything related to what you’re doing.

Passion for knowing more matters, and often can be manifested in the desire to be the absolute best, and can even get a little chippy at times as egos come out to play. It’s part of what makes up our team’s zany personalities and good-hearted but fierce competition to stay on top. Every current and future digital marketer needs this or they’ll be lapped by the time the next algorithm update or new advertising technique comes out.

A good firm is always scoping out the latest sporting event in the World Cup, is knowledgeable about the sports fans’ favorite teams, and has a genuine interest and care for what football games and more sports teams. As marketing is an industry constantly undergoing changes. A good firm has a passionate team that moves with this flow to bring the best strategies to the table.

Analytical and data-driven

Good sports marketing consulting firms take advantage of the data provided in marketing software. They analyze it to see what strategies were effective, where improvements could be made, and what techniques need tweaking. Data, measurements, and analytics are vital components because they track whether the campaign or other initiatives were effective.

You must be wondering how two polar opposites like hard-data and creativity mesh within one person. While it’s usually one or the other, digital marketers need to be able to track trends. They need gauge the success of campaigns in real-time. Being able to measure direct and indirect influence through digital analytics is the key to strategic planning.

A data-driven trait is necessary. Analytics are used to measure the outcomes of marketing actions to drive better conversion rates. Additionally, it enables better decisions for success. A good firm interprets the data at hand to improve decisions and implement the best strategy. 

Good sports marketing firm: greater than the sum of the parts

So there you have it—all the skills, attributes, and experience that makes a great sports marketing firm. With so many specializations, new technologies, and more on the horizon, the learning never stops, and those with the insatiable desire to grow, dominate, win, and repeat the cycle will stay ahead and earn their way to the top.

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