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For professional athletes, marketing doesn’t always seem like a priority. After all, you’re more focused on playing your sport well and taking care of your health. But without a good professional athlete marketing strategy in place, you may not earn as much as you could. Depending on your success, this could mean leaving millions of dollars on the table. So, how does a good marketing strategy help increase your earning potential? Here’s how:

1. Increase Ticket Sales

As an athlete, your success largely depends on the number of tickets sold for every event. With the right professional athlete marketing strategy in place, you’ll be able to increase the overall ticket sales for your events time and time again. The more people who come to your events, the more money you make.

2. Boost Visibility for Sponsors

Sponsors are the bread and butter for professional athletes and a vital part of any athlete influencer marketing strategy. Simply put, sponsors pay you to use and show off their products in front of your fans. The idea is that your fans will want to support the brands you love. But without a solid strategy in place, your performance and the returns your sponsors see may be underwhelming. With the right strategy in place, you’ll reap the rewards of long-term sponsorship opportunities.

3. Creates Loyalty with Fans

Most professional athlete marketing strategies are designed to bring in money. But the best ones are designed to build loyalty with your fans. This is how you gain staying power as a professional athlete, but it’s also how you continue to build your personal brand and increase your earnings over time.

The more loyal fans you have, the more likely they are to support you at games, buy merch, and help you further spread your athlete influencer marketing posts shared on social media platforms. And the larger your fanbase is, the more you can contribute to society—just think about all the charity work LeBron James has achieved over the last few years.

4. Improves Chances of Getting New Sponsors

A successful professional athlete marketing strategy increases your visibility with fans. But it also increases visibility with prospective sponsors. The more outreach you have, the more likely other companies are to take notice and want you to represent their products. Further, it gives you more negotiating power with those brands to help you get more out of each contract you agree to. The more visible you are, more return your sponsors will get and that means you’ll end up making more over time.

5. Opens the Door for Other Opportunities

What’s going to happen when you retire from your sport? It’s going to happen eventually, but you need to have a plan to help keep the money coming in when you’re no longer playing. Royalties on jerseys and other merch won’t let you maintain your lifestyle for very long.

A successful professional athlete marketing strategy will open the door for other opportunities. If sponsors are happy with your performance, they may bring you on to help develop a new product line. And other businesses may notice your skills and find other opportunities for you to participate in. Gone are the days where professional athletes get stuck running car dealerships once they’re done playing.

6. Brings In New Fans Through Online Visibility

We talk a lot about the importance of a good fanbase. Without your fans, you won’t have anyone to market to and your earnings will suffer. A good marketing strategy increases the visibility of your personal brand. This means people who may otherwise not know about you and your skills will see what you have to offer.

Over the life of your career, you’ll be able to gain more fans more easily as long as you continue to represent your brand authentically. The more fans you have, the better your earnings will be and the longer those elevated earnings will last.

7. Gives You Staying Power

Let’s take a look at the big names here…Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, David Beckham, etc. These are names that almost everyone recognizes. And believe it or not, they’re making more in retirement than they did playing their sport. The right marketing strategy gives you the staying power you need to continue earning.

Do Athletes Need Marketing Agents or Can They Handle It Alone?

By now, you’re probably asking, “do athletes need marketing agents?” The short answer here is a firm yes. Athletes have a lot to worry about beyond their professional athlete marketing strategy. When you work with an agent, you’ll be able to spare yourself the stress and time commitment required to run a successful marketing strategy.

Ready to take the plunge? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll show you just how good your marketing strategy can be and how it will help you make money without forcing you to dedicate tons of hours to your busy schedule.

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