Custom Crowdfunding Platforms

What makes a successful fundraising website?

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Raise engagement and donations at your next event with a fundraising platform built for your needs.

The nonprofit landscape is changing. The modern donor is familiar with online crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and many of them has even used them personally. However, the mainstream crowdfunding platforms often don’t have the functionalities that nonprofits need, such as team accounts and in-depth branding options.


Run a more lucrative campaign or event with a custom crowdfunding website. Each site is built to your needs and can be used again year after year.

1) We’ll start with a consultation

What are your fundraising goals, and what’s standing in the way of meeting them? In our first few meetings, we’ll discuss your donor demographics, your past events, and what you hope to accomplish with your crowdfunding platform.

Discovery Sessions

Sitemap Creation

Website Functionalities

Keyword Research

2) We’ll design a campaign to make your fundraising event successful

Whether we’re adding a crowdfunding element to an existing event or creating an event from scratch, I’ll help you design a full campaign to make it a success. This involves determining what online destinations we need to create for your donors to engage with your cause, what the event branding will look like, and how we’ll get the word out.


Each crowdfunding platform is custom to meet the needs of your organization. However, the features we integrate might include:

Team and individual fundraising campaigns

Tablet friendly interface for use at a live event

Online donation integrations

Lead capture and contact forms

E-commerce integration

Download feature upon donating (digital product or coupon)

Event blog Live

Social integrations

3) Once you approve, I’ll get to work

I know how important it is for us to work in sync. I will share progress with you regularly to make sure each wireframe and design is aligned with your organization. Depending on your project’s needs, I may also call upon my extensive network of screened copywriters, SEO experts, and other designers to assist to ensure the website is always in the hands of an expert.


Graphic Design

Web Development

Make your next fundraising event the most successful one yet.