Chiropractic Advertising in The New Decade

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Chiropractic Advertising in The New Decade

In the past year or so, the industry of chiropractic business has experienced significant growth — so much so that experts expect that the market size will reach up to $17.93 billion by 2025. The industry is projected to have a CAGR or Compound Annual Growth Rate of 4.32% in the US alone in the coming years. 

And while the rising cases of patients with lower back pain and other similar illnesses plays a major role in this growth, modern technology has also played a role in it. Today’s technological advancements has helped chiropractic practice become more holistic and modern. Chiropractic patients can now easily access personal care information as well as better treatment technologies! 

With a growing market and an increasingly improving technology, it’s safe to say that the market for chiropractic care will continue to thrive in the next few years! But as we all know, with growth comes greater competition. 

And because of the Internet and online marketing, businesses nowadays are getting more craftier when it comes to their marketing strategies for their chiropractic services! Those who want to stay ahead are constantly on their toes, updating their ad campaigns.

Now if you want to change up your chiropractic marketing and stay ahead in the game, the best thing to do is to explore a new marketing funnel for your target audiences such as landing pages

Creatitive’s here to discuss how landing pages is the new chiropractic advertising strategy of the new century. But before anything else, let’s discuss what they actually are.

What Landing Pages Are

For those who don’t know, landing pages are a cost-effective way of reaching your prospective patient! They are standalone web pages created for marketing or advertising purposes. It’s often used alongside Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads and other campaigns on other social media platforms

If a potential customer sees your ad and decides to click on it, they’ll be led to your landing page where they can find more information about your business! Now unlike your website which is designed for various things, they are usually created for one thing — generating leads. 

For example, landing pages would often feature important information as well as CTAs or Call to Actions for scheduling an appointment or phone calls. Its sole mission of generating and converting leads is what makes it an effective strategy!

Two Kinds of Landing Pages

While it may be true that landing pages are often created for one mission, there’s a lot of variations out there that can be found. Each one differs depending on the specifics of the business, but generally there are two archetypes defined by their goals.

Lead Generating Pages

Commonly known as lead capture pages, these landing pages use a form as their CTA. They are created to collect lead data like names, contact information and email addresses of visitors. 

The companies that often use this kind of pages are B2B marketers and other businesses that sell high-ticket items in hopes of building a pool of prospective customers. And in exchange for that information, they usually offer free ebooks or webinars! 

Aside from them, e-commerce brands also use them to offer special deals like free shipping!

Clickthrough Pages

Often used by software-as-a-service marketers as well as e-commerce businesses, these pages go straight for sales or subscriptions!

They usually have a simple CTA that sends visitors to checkout or to complete the transaction!

Best Practices

Ultimately, landing pages can be pretty complicated to create — not to mention that it’s much harder to ensure it’s a productive one. Despite this, having a great understanding of some of the best practices in creating one can help you create an effective page!

Consulting Official Guidelines

Now before anything else, checking out the official Chiropractic Advertising Guidelines is a must to ensure you’re not making claims that are against the law. Additionally, it also guides you on the lawful chiropractic advertising slogans you can use for your marketing campaign!

Ensure Matching Messaging

Make sure that you create your landing page in accordance to the needs and expectations of your audience. For instance, if your ad is about your chiropractic clinic, they expect the landing page to be focused on it alone. 

Use Directional Cues

It’s rare for landing pages to have anything on its lower half. But in any case you end up with a much longer page, you can use visual indicators to direct the eye downwards!

Use pointers such as arrows or as well as other shapes or images that can persuade visitors to keep scrolling or reading! 

Consulting Experts

Admittedly, learning the ins and outs of creating an effective landing page can be pretty confusing — but this shouldn’t hinder you from exploring it as a marketing strategy!

Don’t be afraid to seek the help of expert marketers like the ones in Creatitive. Our team of experienced marketing experts are more than willing to help grow your chiropractic clinic!

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