Marketing Tips & Trends: Blogging Back on the Rise

Marketing Tips & Trends: Blogging Back on the Rise

Over the recent years, the spectrum of digital marketing efforts has undergone a major makeover. Gone are the days when traditional marketing campaigns dominated the game, today is all about website traffic and social shares.

But as new trends come and go, there’s a notion going around that content marketing strategies are no longer relevant. As mobile friendly apps and mobile devices have increased, audiences seemed to have lost interest in reading long and heavy content.

Critics claim that the attention span of audiences have grown shorter but recent studies have said otherwise. There are abundant resources available revealing social media marketing would be nothing without content marketing!

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook wouldn’t be as popular as they are now if not for blogs. Still not convinced? Creative’s here today to discuss the relevance of blogging in today’s online marketing landscape and content marketing tips!

How Do You Attract Customers? Blog!

One of the most common marketing tips for small business often revolves around content marketing and the importance of blogs. If SMEs wanted to attract more potential customers, they needed to learn the basics of search engine optimization and start their own blog. 

And despite the several Marketing Tips 2019 articles you read suggesting that blogging is dead, content remains king. Publishing content remains to be one of the most effective digital marketing tips today. 

So if you think blogs are now irrelevant, here’s a few reasons why we think you’re wrong. 


Blog posts are great for SEO

Blogging is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost your SEO strategy. Written content is still the easiest type of content for search engines to read. Moz sites blog posts as the number one content format that most frequently appears at the top of search engine listings.

And if your SEO campaign does well, you can start expanding your strategies further by exploring Pay per click! 


Blogs are still popular on social media

Many people rely on social media for staying current on events and trends and as a way to easily obtain recommendations or information. Blog posts are great content for social media and can be used across many different social platforms.

Establishes credibility. Blogging is a great way to establish your credibility as a brand and a business. Writing about a specific topic makes you look like an expert in your industry, which leads customers to trust you more.


Provides a way to communicate with consumers

Blog posts are a great way to interact with your customers and build loyalty. While people may not comment on blogs themselves as much anymore, they certainly comment frequently on social media posts tied to blogs. This gives you a way to easily have a conversation with people who are likely to be potential buyers.


Gives you feedback on how to direct marketing

Blog posts are a great way to receive feedback on your marketing and discover what your customers are looking for. Blog posts that receive more attention are likely to have appealed more to consumers in some way. Additionally, the comments that people make on posts can give you good insight into what they do or don’t like about your products/services.

Certainly, blog posts have evolved and changed immensely, but they are by no means irrelevant.


Best Practices On Effective Blogs

In order to make sure that blogs are effective, it’s important to make sure that you’re appealing to current marketing trends. One of the online marketing tips that we give businesses who are starting their own blog is to find ways to make blog posts interesting!

For instance, you can create Youtube videos summarizing the entire blog or images such as infographic. By doing so, you are making information much more easy to ingest. You can leverage your existing social media to maximize visibility!

You can post your infographic there and provide a link to the blog so that your audiences can read the entire article if they want to! Additionally, you can use these blogs and videos to improve your email marketing campaigns further. 

Use your emails to promote the blog and invite your target audiences to subscribe to your newsletter! Slowly but surely, your blog can set you on the right path towards the coveted omnichannel success. 

Aside from keeping your blog updated with all the latest trends, high-quality content should be your top priority. If you can invest in working with a sports digital marketing company like Creatitive, go for it! Great content will take your brand to great places. 

Our team can help you create your own editorial calendar to ensure your blogs are well maintained. Regular visitors will appreciate the frequency of your post — so make sure that you create a schedule of your own. It can be a monthly upload or a weekly one! 


Get Started with a Blogging Campaign

Curious to learn more about how blogging can benefit your business? Give us a call! We would love to learn more about your business needs and answer any questions you have or help you get started with your own blogging campaign.

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