Why Dentists Should Invest in SEO: Dental SEO

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Why Dentists Should Invest in SEO: Dental SEO

Nowadays, Americans have been presented with a lot of ways to improve their oral health. They can easily look for teeth whitening kits and other medicines like charcoal powders but despite this, a lot of them believe nothing beats dental services. Dental SEO is way for dentists to separate themselves from the competition.

Just like in the old times, they still need the expertise of dentists — the only difference now is that they are using search engine results and the Internet to look for dental offices. As a result, those in the dental practice are now leaning on digital marketing strategies to attract new patients.

They would either manage their social media accounts by themselves or they would work with digital marketing companies like Creatitive to boost their online presence with the help of marketers. And one of the most commonly used strategies is Search Engine Optimization!

Now, admittedly, SEO can be pretty complicated — especially for dentists who aren’t really aware of the new marketing strategies today. Luckily, Creatitive is here to be your official guide to dental seo marketing!

But before anything else, let’s first discuss what SEO services are for those who don’t know!

What Dental SEO is And How It Works

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your dental website so that it ranks higher on search engine results pages. It increases the chances of your site’s organic search results improving.

In a nutshell, dental SEO services are designed to help dentists increase their visibility on local search to attract more potential patients. When you first create your website, search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing use its crawlers to identify which search term you’re most compatible with.

They will look at your content as well as your web design and index the site before finding your match. Sites that they deem most similar to a search term often receive a higher ranking in their SERPs. How does one ensure their website lands a pretty decent rank? They optimize it so that search engines will have a better understanding of what the site is.

Why It Matters

There are a number of people who believe dental marketing has no room for local SEO. But in reality, optimization is an effective and universal strategy that anyone can use regardless of their field — it’s all in the matter of doing things the right way!

Studies have revealed that the top five sites in search results receive 67.6% of all the clicks. Now, if your dental site is to achieve this kind of ranking, it automatically means more website traffic and more qualified leads! Additionally, a higher ranking also means greater credibility and authority — meaning more patients for you!

If you look at your competitors, chances are they are already running their own campaign. And in case that they’re yet to do so, it’s a good strategy to get ahead of them.

3 Starter Tips For Dental Website SEO

Admittedly, kickstarting your own SEO campaign can be pretty hard — especially for those who are not familiar enough with digital marketing. But to get you started, Creatitive has listed down three great starter tips on SEO for dentists!

Look For Relevant Keywords

While it may be true that prospective patients often look for dentists, they still look for specific services such as teeth whitening or annual exams. With this in mind, it’s best that you target long-tail searches for your target keywords.

These are longer keywords that often have lower search volumes, but they are often targeted because its traffic comes from potential patients that can easily be converted into real customers.

For instance, instead of listing down keywords such as “dentist” or “dental services”, you might want to include keywords that are more specific. Pick out keywords that feature specific services and your locality. For smaller dental practices, using local keywords is a must to target searches in their town and nearby municipalities.

Keep in mind that keyword research is one of the most important steps to optimization. It shouldn’t be skipped and should be done carefully.

Optimize Local Searches

One of the easier ways you can improve the traffic of your website is by targeting local searches. As we’ve mentioned earlier, using long tailed keywords with your locality is one way of doing this. But aside from this, you can also improve your site’s copy by using locations to your page titles and URLS.

Registering your business to Google Maps and other local directory sites is a must. It’s guaranteed to improve the visibility of your office in local searches further.

Start Blogging

Because of the increasing presence of digital marketing in several industries, content has become king. Nowadays, if businesses want to attract more patients and build stronger credibility, they start their own blog!

Aside from building credibility, blogging has been proven to generate revenue for businesses. And as experienced dentists, you can easily write blogs discussing oral health care and other topics that interest potential patients and other readers.

As your blogs continue to grow and as your site’s traffic increases, it will soon become an authoritative source for information on dental care — making you the first choice in your area!

Consulting The Experts

Now that you’ve gotten a good idea of what SEO is and what it can do for your business, you probably have a lot of questions on how you can integrate it to your marketing strategy. If you want to ensure you do things right, the best way to do it is to collaborate with SEO experts!

Creatitive’s SEO experts can easily help you start your own campaign! Additionally, you can also consult our marketing experts for other concerns on digital marketing

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