Fresh Health Content Marketing Ideas: Promoting Health and Wellness

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Fresh Health Content Marketing Ideas: Promoting Health and Wellness

With the rapid growth of science and technology, traditional techniques in the field of health and wellness are being improved constantly. And with this in mind, health clubs are doing their best to ensure that their memberships are up to date. But after wellness brands in the healthcare industry update their respective services, another crucial question comes; how can they market it through healthcare content?

Aside from the wellness and healthcare industry, the marketing industry itself is rapidly changing as well. Businesses from different fields are on the hunt for new ways to market their services and gain a competitive advantage. Admittedly, healthcare marketing is not easy. But if marketers are looking to start the decade right with great marketing campaigns, the best way to do it is through health content marketing!

Through the specific marketing strategy of tailored content creation, search engines would deem your quality content relevant for your target audience online. With this healthcare marketing content strategy, you would achieve the brand awareness your clinic or gym needs.


Content is King

It’s been said before and we’ll reiterate this once again, content is king — and this is true for different fields, especially for the health and fitness industry. Research has revealed that at least 8 out of 10 people turn to search results and content on health as their first source for health information. Furthermore, voice searches for health essentials increased in the previous year.  Content marketing strategy is something that healthcare marketers and healthcare providers should not overlook.

While it may be true that healthcare content marketing strategy is one of the long term marketing strategies out there, health and wellness content has the ability to improve both customer experience and customer engagement. And when executed properly, your healthy content strategy and other content marketing efforts could even help you gain omnichannel success!

Sounds amazing, right? If this isn’t the case for your organization, you need the best team of digital marketers today.

lulu lemonOne great example of a wellness brand using health content marketing as a strategy is Lululemon. Upon visiting Lululemon’s website, viewers can easily enjoy motivational and healthy blog posts that range from home workout instructions to healthy recipes. Furthermore, the brand also added inspirational images that match the type of health content they publish.

For a lot of modern healthcare businesses, health content marketing is almost a no-brainer but not all fitness brands have it. Luckily, we’ve broken down some great tips on how health and wellness brands should start their content strategy and marketing initiatives!


Creating Healthcare Content And Optimizing It

A point often overlooked in terms of healthcare content marketing, is the other tactic that supplements it; search engine optimization — but before anything else, let’s differentiate the two.

increase your traffic with smart tactics. Content Marketing is the strategy of creating, publishing and distributing content online while Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the technical process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. For your healthcare content marketing to reach its audience, it must be seen and visibility is increased by optimizing that content.

Though both are different tactics, they both start with one step; keyword research. The chosen keywords of a brand will determine the healthcare content marketing of its website. The health content then produced should be of high quality, and informative to ensure that it ranks high on search engine page results.

While it may be true that keywords should be used as much as possible upon writing, it must be remembered the repeated use of a keyword can negatively impact one’s SEO efforts. When healthy content marketing thrives, so does SEO! Healthcare providers and wellness business leaders should always keep in mind that content marketing thrives more than traditional advertising and marketing strategies today.

If you are running a medical clinic, with optimized content articles that give answers, analysis, and other resources to patients, you bring value to your clinic already; because people, for example, a patient, on the internet always seek information from professionals such as physicians.

healthcare marketing for your clinicAnd as mentioned earlier, search engine optimization is part of the technical process of content marketing. Content strategy isn’t the only thing that matters, user experience is just as important! Before proceeding to healthcare content marketing, it’s best for healthcare brands to ensure that their website is updated as well.  Think of content marketing and SEO as peanut butter and jelly, together they make a more powerful sandwich likened by Google itself.

Poor website design can result in low rankings. For instance, if there are no booking appointment buttons on your landing page, frustrated visitors might end up abandoning the website entirely. So before doing anything else on your healthcare content marketing, it’s best to ensure that the website is SEO ready!

Admittedly, developing content marketing campaigns and SEO campaigns can be a bit too much for those unfamiliar with the strategies. Luckily, brands can now hire digital marketing companies to be their healthcare marketers that can do both! These agencies will make sure both campaigns are streamlined with one another.


Spreading The Word

Once the website is good to go, that’s the only time brands can proceed on creating health content for other platforms like social media! Here are some things to keep in mind for implementing healthcare content marketing on social media management, which would be amazing for search engines and your online rankings.

Share Your Content Marketing Efforts to People

Share Your Content Marketing Efforts to PeopleBefore you create content, remember that people check social media every day and most, more than once a day — they don’t always rush to your site. There are best practices that many healthcare facilities and healthcare marketers apply, and among these are: create content for their audience, such as patient stories, information and data about the facility, and other data driven posts.

Share your healthy blog posts on your social media platforms and invite your clients to read them. Don’t forget to ensure to include an interesting photo to draw attention to your posts! Eye-catching visuals are a must for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as most people will likely scroll through their timelines, bringing engagement, insights, and success to your medical and wellness business.

Interact With Your Audience with Your Blog

Get your target audience involved by asking them related questions on your social media platforms. Simple polls are easy to create—all you have to do is click a button. And your audience can answer anonymously.

Furthermore, when you create a blog for your organization, keep in mind that this is the bit your patients, clients, and potential customers would read. Aside from the common blog content, you could focus on giving on more medical and wellness tips, insights, stories, engaging resources, and even video content to drive value and ROI in the process.

Content marketing is not just about information distribution and engaging insights, at the end of the day, your organization need content to drive sales and ROI.

This gives you insight into the things your clients want to know more about. Think of it as a simple and free way to get the information you can use to further grow your content marketing strategy.

Engaging Healthy Contests

Contests are a great way to get your business’s information in front of more audience quickly. When you’re thinking of offering a special to drum up a new business, create a contest post on your social media accounts to encourage new people to interact with your profile or your website!

Ask your followers to share their favorite post from health blogs or from your social media account! Don’t forget to also ask them to tag their closest friends for a chance to win a special prize. Afterwards, you can pick your winners and congratulate them through a post.


Get More Ideas for your Healthcare Content Marketing Strategy

Understanding content marketing and the platforms used for this marketing strategy is key to a successful health and wellness brand. While it may be true that this can be overwhelming, there are experts more than willing to help! If your organization is looking for more ways to gain digital success, the key is getting professional services for your site.


Don’t be afraid to consult providers for ideas on developing your brand’s marketing strategies!

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