Ideas for Health Content for Social Media

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Ideas for Health Content for Social Media

The healthcare industry is constantly changing as science grows and improves techniques and treatments. So, how do you make sure your target audience knows that you’re following those trends and staying up to date with the latest improvements to build their trust and confidence in your services? You reach out to them on social media! There are dozens of ways to share useful health content that your current and prospective clients will want to see. Here are a few ideas to help you grow your health content marketing strategy.

Share Your Blog Posts

People check social media every day and most, more than once a day. They don’t always rush to your website to see if you’ve updated your blog. Make use of this fact! Share your blog posts on your social media platforms and invite your clients to read them. Just make sure to include an interesting photo to draw attention to your posts. A picture is worth a thousand words and this is never truer than with social media.

Get Them Involved

Get your target audience involved by asking them questions on your social media platforms. Simple polls are easy to create—all you have to do is click a button. And your clients can answer anonymously. This gives you insight into the things your clients want to know more about, the types of services they value, and their overall concerns about their health. Think of it as a simple and free way to get information you can use to further grow your health content marketing strategy.


Contests are a great way to get your business’s information in front of more people quickly. When you’re thinking of offering a special to drum up new business, create a health content contest post on your social media accounts to encourage new people to interact with your profile. Ask them to tag a friend in the comments and then like and share the post with their followers in order to enter the contest. After the contest is over, pick a name at random and announce it on social media.

Get More Ideas

Social media is key in growing your health content strategy, but as a business owner, finding time to manage those posts can be overwhelming. Get a free consultation and see how our team can help you improve your health content and take your marketing strategy to the next level without creating more work for yourself.

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