A logo is a brand’s identifier in its simplest form. Here are a few important notes on designing iconic gym logos!

The fitness industry has grown well and healthy over the past few years — so much so that the competition has become tougher. Several fitness centers are constantly coming up with their own gimmicks and tricks to stand out, from niche services to unique promos — it’s almost as if the brands have unlimited sources of inspiration. So, how do you make sure you catch your possible customers’ attention? Effective branding. It’s the secret ingredient of brands such as Nike, Adidas, and other iconic athletic firms. They created recognizable yet unique identities amongst their competition and rose above the rest, from their logo to the core idea of their brand.

We previously discussed the broader concept of branding, where we mentioned that it doesn’t start and end with iconic logo ideas for a gym. Nevertheless, logos still play a critical role in the overall identity of your gym. A logo identifies a fitness center in its simplest yet memorable form. If you’re looking for logo ideas or design inspirations for your fitness club, then you’ve come to the right post.

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We carefully sorted the top gyms, fitness clubs, as well as fitness centers around the world and took a look at their logos. We also studied just how well they incorporated the details of their trademark into their overall graphic design.


The famous Brooklyn gym that took your childhood game of ‘the floor is lava’ to the next level carries a pretty straightforward seal. Its logo incorporated the graffiti font well known to the area, which can also be seen all over its two-floored parkour playground —- highlighting its hometown and the importance of consistency in terms of branding.


Tagged as Europe’s meathead mecca, Intelligent Strength — or locally known as Das Gym — followed the simple yet memorable approach as Brooklyn Zoo did. The wordmark carries a single font consistently observed in their website through its font and color scheme.


The fitness center located at the heart of the Amazon Rainforest — quite literally — used the abstract mark of a leaf to represent the jungle and its Aria Amazon River Cruiser. The color scheme featured on the logo is consistent with the one they use on their website.


The luxury fitness club based in the UK also went with a sleek and unforgettable approach in its abstract mark. The logo is also easily recognizable, just as its name is.


The New York-based indoor cycling carries a logo that’s easily understood but complicated looking. Just like Third Space’s trademark, it’s easily remembered and quite unforgettable. The design itself is also coherent with their web design.

Taking in a much broader perspective on all of the examples mentioned above, it’s pretty evident that most of them settled for a minimal and professional logo mixed with a bit of grunge. Most of them stuck by a flat design, going only with a single color or two and one font. The color schemes, as well as the font featured, can be observed across all of the platforms they use — websites, social media accounts, and even merchandising such as gym apparel for their members.

Though it would be tempting to pick a grander design, going for a minimalist look allows your logo to be instantly recognizable, easily interpreted, and timeless. As they said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Design fads may come and go, but they are often distracting instead of helpful. Sticking to a much simpler approach it removes elements that can drive your audience’s attention away from the main message it wants to convey. You can quickly look at famous logos such as Apple, Nike, and Adidas and easily understand why sticking with the aesthetic works.

And should you have a present logo already in use, there’s no need for you to be discouraged. Suppose you study further into the history of the well-known logos we’ve mentioned. In that case, you can see that it took them quite a bit of rebranding and redesigning before arriving at the trademark they carry now. So keep in mind that what you have right now can be improved into something greater; maybe you just need a great designer that understands your brand and its goals!


What difference does it make if you are stuck by doing it on your own and seeking the help of a professional? A lot. Good designers would simply tell you your gym doesn’t need a complex design because regardless of the amount of fads that come, minimalism has lasted much longer than any of them had. Having a dedicated logo designer means having someone who can bring your brand’s vision to life and cohesively integrate it into your overall brand strategy. In addition to this, certain providers also offer design packages that are customizable enough to fit the service that you need!

Experience makes a big difference. And though it would be totally awesome to accomplish everything on your own, having an extra pair of hands that knows what works for you and what doesn’t is that bad.

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Is it advisable to utilize diverse elements for my gym logo design?

Yes, there are many design elements that you can use to your advantage. Think about what characterizes your business and make it a part of your logo template.

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