How to Start A Fitness Apparel Line: 4 Elements of Success

how to start a fitness apparel line

How to Start A Fitness Apparel Line: 4 Elements of Success

Over the past few years the clothing line business has significantly expanded. Luxury fashion lines started creating ready-to-wear pieces and clothing brands that usually mass produced garments started to come up with more economical ways of doing things.  This might make some people wonder how to start a fitness apparel line.

But one of the more significant changes detected in the industry is the sudden merging of everyday clothes and workout clothes! Back then, if the target market wanted to go to the gym before work, they had to pack their yoga pants and their work clothes with them. 

They’d have to endure carrying extra pairs of clothes but nowadays, they can easily go to work after working out with the help of athleisure wear! Created to be wearable in both gyms and offices, these stylish fitness clothes makes active lifestyle much easier. And because of the growing trend of healthier habits, demand is at an all time high. 

The competition is fierce with both established brands and small businesses fighting against one another. Frankly speaking, the industry is booming — so much so that experts predict there’s really no other way for the market to go but up. If one is to start a clothing line, today’s the perfect time to do so.

Understandably, not everyone is ecstatic to come in and join in one the fun. But if you’ve been thinking about this for a while now, this is your go signal! No need to be afraid because Creatitive is here to discuss how to start a fitness clothing line

Learn all the basics of how to start a fitness apparel line and the four elements you need to succeed! 

The Hows Of A Clothing Line

Despite the undeniable heavy competition present in the market, experts maintain that newer brands shouldn’t be intimidated! So to get you started, here’s a step by step process on how to start your own fitness clothing line. 

Study The Industry And Your Target Audiences

With such a saturated market, finding a niche becomes lucrative to the success of a business — and the only way you can do this is by studying the existing market today. Take a look at your possible competition and try to get to know the industry. 

Use your research to determine your target market and start putting together a profile of your customer. Gather all of the information that you have and put your ideas to work by designing garments that fits your target customer’s needs. 

Having a great understanding of your niche and your target market is a must. This determines the product mix you’ll be offering and the marketing approaches you’ll be doing. 

Build A Business Plan

So now that you’ve done your research and have identified your target market as well as your competitors, you then start building your business plan and your brand! Start by identifying the business model you want to use. 

And when it comes to business models in the garment industry, there are three common options; print-on-demand, private label clothing line and custom cut and sew clothing line. Take some time to learn each business model before proceeding to choose one. 

Once your business model is done and you’ve done all of the market research you need, you can start building your brand identity. If you want a full guide on branding, Creatitive has some materials for you!

Sourcing Materials And Creating Designs

Start looking into local manufacturers you can work with. Make the time to check their fabrics out and start building a relationship with them! 

While it’s tempting to just jump on your sketchbooks and start creating designs, it’s best that you first check the resources you have around you. Set up meetings with distributors or manufacturers and don’t forget to ask for references. This will help you determine whether they’re fit for your needs or not. 

Once you’ve been able to source all the materials you’ll need for producing, you can then start working on designs as well as tech packs! 

Starting Up Shop

With everything pack and ready, you can start prepping the licenses you need to operate and start working on establishing your online presence! 

Regardless of whether you’ve chosen to work on an actual shop or to stick with an e-commerce site, digital marketing should be a long term strategy in growing your business! Frankly speaking, there’s a lot of people who don’t see online marketing campaigns and websites as a priority — when in reality, these two factors are the machine of growth and sales.  

Start small by thinking about your website and developing it. Once you’ve done this, you can start creating your own social media accounts and promoting it to your close friends. If you’re worried about the nitty and gritty of online marketing, Creatitive is here to help you! 

We can discuss marketing solutions for your up and coming fitness line and help you learn how to start a fitness apparel line. Furthermore, we can also assist in the creation of your brand and website! We’ll make sure everything — from your website down to your tags — is cohesive with one another.

Ultimately, starting your own sportswear line can be pretty challenging, but nothing’s impossible with the power of teamwork!

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