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Over the past years, the world saw a rise in popularity of staying healthy. More and more consumers are changing their way of living by frequenting gyms as well as fitness clubs. People are making sure they keep themselves in good shape. And of course, with the rise of more health conscious crowds is a rise in the number of existing yoga students. Now is the perfect time for yoga business owners to make the most out of this growing trend by learning how to leverage yoga keywords

Creatitive has curated the perfect beginner’s guide to Search Engine Optimization for local yoga studios! To get you started, let’s talk about why SEO is worth the investment of local businesses. 

Why SEO is Worthy Of The Investment

Aside from the obvious reasons that digital marketing has definitely taken over, there are a few other more reasons why yoga businesses should invest in SEO — or at the very least Local SEO.

The New Yellow pages

Over the years, people’s yellow pages have transformed into search engines. If people needed to look up businesses, they would browse search results instead of browsing pages — so much so that a full 97% of people lookup businesses online. 

If they wanted to attend a yoga class in their city or if they needed to look up a yoga teacher, they have Google! Hence, being able to have people Google search your yoga studio website is a must. Aside from your local target market, consumers from around the world can easily look you up. 

Google can easily widen your brand’s reach — and that’s just with a few keyword phrases. 

Free Website Traffic

Aside from the wider reach that keywords for yoga can bring, there’s another great benefit that makes on-page SEO irresistible to almost everyone; free advertisement! 

Admittedly, advertisement is one of the main expenses smaller businesses worry about. Luckily, SEO and the right keyword research can immediately help people Google your business! With enough search terms at your arsenal, you can easily have a steady stream of traffic. 

When you’re done optimizing your blog posts and your site, your social media can further add to that steady stream of visits!

Prompt Results

Ultimately, it can take awhile for both national and international companies to see much improvement in their search rankings. Fortunately for local studios, you only have nearby businesses as your competitors. 

And if you’re lucky enough, maybe they haven’t started their own campaigns! But if they did, you can easily catch up if you start right away. 

Now that we’ve gone through some of the major advantages of investing on optimization campaigns, let’s start with the guide! 

Leveraging The Right Search Terms

Conduct Keyword Research

Now, things often go well for businesses that know the right search terms. Ultimately, your choice of yoga keywords determines your success. If you end up using the wrong words, all of your hard work will be for nothing — and that ultimately sucks. 

So, before you start doing anything else, do your keyword research! Google has a keyword planner you can utilise for free to learn all about the highest ranking search terms for your industry. 

Aside from using a tool, you can also check out your competitors to see which yoga keywords are they using. List all of your chosen terms down and categorize them into two; buying intent and research intent.

Keywords that usually showcase buying intent signals that the user is ready to make a purchasing decision. Here are some examples;

  • Yoga dress pants
  • Best yoga mat for seniors
  • Local yoga classes for beginners
  • Yoga for seniors classes

On the other hand, search terms with research intent usually means the user is gathering more information and is probably testing the water. Here are some examples of research intent yoga  keywords; 

  • Yoga for back pain
  • Health benefits of yoga
  • Yoga vs cross fit

Incorporating Locality

Don’t forget to include yoga search terms associated with your locality. Having keywords with your city in them can be of a big help when you start creating a “Google My business” page. 

It can ensure your business will pop up easily during geographical searches! Here are some examples;

  • Best yoga studio near me
  • Yoga for beginners near me 
  • Local yoga classes for beginners
  • Prenatal yoga near me
  • Pregnancy yoga near me

Optimizing Your Website

Now that you’ve got all of your yoga keywords listed down, you can start incorporating them into your site! One important thing you need to make note of when it comes to optimizing sites and content is that quality matters. 

While it may seem like bombarding your entire site with target keywords seems like a great strategy — it’s not. Take your time dedicating pages for each of your yoga keywords and start with the core pages of your site. Make sure the page titles and description of each page features your principal term.

Don’t Forget About Content

In case you haven’t heard, content is king nowadays. Sites who want to have a higher ranking in SERPs spend much of their time investing in content marketing. This is because maintaining blogs provides great opportunity. 

By regularly sharing content on your site, it gives you more room to use as many keywords as you can. Additionally, it provides you with more content that you could share across your social media platforms! Ultimately, blogging does a lot for both your SEO campaign and for your brand as well. It gains you more traffic while helping you solidify your stand as an expert in health and wellness!

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