Unlocking The Secrets of Great Women’s Sportswear Brands

women's sportswear brands

Unlocking The Secrets of Great Women’s Sportswear Brands

Over the last few years, the world saw women take charge and lead historical change across several industries including the sporting industry in general. Because if this, many women’s sportswear brands have popped up across the world.

Great athletes made historic wins in different sports, girl bosses dominated the sportswear industry with brands cultivated for women and female journalists started to conquer sports media. The previous years have been great for our powerful females — especially in the sportswear market

To get us started, let’s first discuss the relationship of women and sports!

Women And Sports

Nowadays, it’s common for most of us to observe great female presence in marathon events across the world. But would you believe that they were only allowed to participate in such events after American runner Kathrine Switzer pushed to circumvent the ban that prevented them from competing during the year 1967?

Admittedly, there was a huge gap between men and women in sports before, but over the last 50 years, the gap has been significantly narrowed down with the help of players like Serena Williams, Megan Rapinoe, Billie Jean King, and more! 

According to a Women and Sports report, almost 50% of women worldwide are into sports. This is because today’s media and the Internet has brought sports closer to most women. Furthermore, statistics have revealed that if young women played sports at school, they are 75% likely to be into sports for the remainder of their lives. 

Experts believe that this trend will only increase over the years as more and more mothers encourage their young daughters to break stigma! And because women are now getting more and more into sports, the demand for workout clothes and gym gear made for them. 

Additionally, the increasing demand for a healthier lifestyle are moving females to hit the gym and break a sweat despite their busy schedules created a niche for the athleisure movement!  Soon enough the growing number of women’s athletic brands have increased the value of the market to $26.8 billion in the US. 

Nowadays, even activewear brands originally catered towards the men are redesigning their products to offer great style and function that attracts today’s powerful females! 

Best Women’s Sportswear Brands

Ultimately, it’s not hard for women to find activewear labels catered to them and their needs. There are thousands of women’s activewear brands in the market today, starting from the greatest brands like Nike down to relatively newer brands like Lululemon. 

Despite this, there are only a handful of brands that managed to upstage other providers. Here are five of the greatest women’s sportswear brands available today!

1. Lululemon

When it comes to finding the perfect pants for your yoga classes, women don’t think twice about referring you to Lululemon! The Canadian athletic clothing company first started in 1998 and has significantly grown overtime — so much so that it has managed to catch up against the bigger women’s sportswear brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour.

Additionally, experts relate the rise of the brand to the growing demand for athleisure clothing like sports bras and their well-loved yoga pants! With this in mind, it left people wondering how a relatively newer sportswear brand was able to upstage some of the industry’s giants. 

Was it really because of their products? Yes. The brand creates high quality products in limited numbers, creating a demand within its loyal consumers. A large number of their audiences buy their products out of fear that they might be out of stock soon. But aside from being able to elicit urgency, the brand also strives to live by its words. 

Lululemon connects with its people by offering them yoga classes and other similar events within their stores. Not only will they be able to buy their products, they can also participate in scheduled sessions in specific branches. It motivates its people to live a much healthier lifestyle with the help of their employees who are also involved in the health community! 

2. PUMA Fenty

When the German sportswear company named well-loved celebrity Rihanna as one of their creative directors for its women’s athletic wear, they really turned heads. Admittedly, moves of such nature is nothing new — just take a look at Beats by Dr. Dre. Despite this, experts believe that what made this celebrity endorsement different is authenticity. 

The main factor that enthralled the younger generation to the brand is the fact that Rihanna can actually be seen wearing Puma’s products. As a matter of fact, the singer even shared a photo of her younger self wearing a pair that’s similar to her sold-out jelly shoes. 

Unfortunately, marketers claim that celebrity brandings don’t do much for brands, especially if the products are produced in limited quantities — for instance, Kanye West and his collaboration with Adidas on his coveted Yeezys. But instead of simply following the footsteps of similar campaigns, Puma decided to offer similar items that are more accessible to the public! 

As a result, the brand was able to leverage the impact of their celebrity creative director! 

3. Sweaty Betty

The London-based brand has the athleisure movement and E-commerce to thank for its impressive growth. Not only did the demand for stylish and functional sports bra as well as crop tops drove their sales upwards but their high performance E-commerce strategies brought them an 18% turnover increase last 2018. 

The brand used its retail stores to gather information from their consumers. Once they have revamped their website, they experimented with video clips of their employees discussing their products. While there was a trend of brands creating sleek production videos, their team found out that their consumers loved interacting with friendly experts! 

Later on, Sweaty Betty started dabbling into artificial intelligence and is now working on their strategies for keeping their customers on their sites! 

What They Have in Common

While all of the three women’s sportswear brands we’ve mentioned have their differences, they share a few similarities with one another — clear brand identity, great audience knowledge and strategic marketing plans

Lululemon gained its great following due to its passion for healthy lifestyle and its consistency in campaigning the values the brand lives for. Puma Fenty took the demand of its consumers to heart and produced products that are more accessible to them. All the while, Sweaty Betty strategically developed their ecommerce campaign to serve both the brand and their people better.

Because of today’s overly-competitive market, it’s not enough for brands to be just brands. They need to stand for something and must strive to live up to its promises while being of service to consumers. And in case you want more examples of great women’s sportswear brands, just look up Outdoor Voices, Free Voices and Stella Mccartney’s collaboration with Adidas! 

Creating Iconic Brands for Females

Looking deeper into the similarities of the aforementioned brands, you can start to outline the key ingredients to creating iconic brands. Despite this, creating an iconic brand for strong females is no easy feat. 

It often requires great expertise and skill that most budding companies don’t have. Majority of startups who attempt to build a brand all by themselves often miss important aspects of effective branding such as consistent brand guidelines. 

With this in mind, experts often suggested that smaller companies work with branding agencies like Creatitive! While there’s a common notion that collaborating with agencies often came at a hefty price, companies like us nowadays offer cost-effective packages that can help you in creating iconic brands. 

From discovery sessions down to the development of branding marketing plans, our team will help you cultivate a brand that empowers today’s great females!

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