10 Great Online Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Websites

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10 Great Online Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Websites

As modern technology continues to rapidly grow each year, the eCommerce industry continues to evolve as well — in both scary and exciting ways. Each year, several changes occur and businesses either grow with them or get stuck with them. One way to help a business grow is with online marketing strategies.

With this in mind, sports brands are now being urged to improve their game — especially now that experts believe the global eCommerce retail sales is expected to reach new heights by the year 2021. This predicted steady growth entails greater competition for both fairly new and established eCommerce businesses. 

But with thousands of digital marketing campaigns for eCommerce websites going on, it’s hard for those new in the game to come up with different online marketing strategies that can help them gain the edge that they need.

In hopes of helping smaller eCommerce businesses start the new decade right, Creatitive has listed down 10 of the best online marketing strategies for eCommerce websites! But before anything else, let’s first discuss how digital marketing can help eCommerce stores.

Digital Marketing And Online Stores

A large majority of marketing efforts today take place online and because of the seemingly endless opportunities the internet has provided, a wide variety of digital marketing strategies has been created! 

Depending on your sport brand’s chosen platform, there’s email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing to help you out in promoting your products. While it seems like most businesses nowadays use each of the aforementioned strategies in their respective plan, eCommerce websites often use them in a different manner through eCommerce marketing!

For instance, brands would use their Instagram accounts and the app’s eCommerce features to reach their target audience. They would post sharp photos of their products with additional tags showcasing the price of each featured product. Additionally, brands now use User Generated Content as a way of soliciting solid customer reviews! 

Planned and executed properly, these digital marketing strategies can become eCommerce marketing strategies. And without further ado, here are 10 great online marketing strategies that guarantees great conversion rates!

10 Of The Best Strategies

1. Update Your Website

Before proceeding to implementing other digital marketing strategies, it’s best for brands to ensure that their website is well and running! If your web design is still not mobile friendly, now is the perfect time to turn things around. 

Outerbox says 7% of mobile users have bought something online using their phones within the previous six months prior to their survey. Furthermore, Google has revealed that 73% of consumers would leave unfriendly mobile sites for sites designed for mobile use. 

There’s no need for you to develop a mobile app at this early stage, but guaranteeing your customers great shopping experience in different devices is surely worth your investment. 

2. Optimization

Just like the first marketing strategy, search engine optimization is another great tactic you could easily use! Sticking by your website, optimization is a tried and tested method for increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. 

There are several ways you can improve the optimization of your website! For one, you can update your website to include the SEO fundamentals it needs to rank well. Secondly, you can also start your own content marketing campaign — which we will discuss later on — but the easiest way is by using the right keywords on your product pages!

Conduct keyword research and see which ones would support the primary keywords you are already using. Remember that the new keywords you’ll be using on your product pages should be in-line with the remainder of your website’s content.

3. Product Filtering

Staying on the topic of your eCommerce website, you can further improve the shopping experience of your target audience by adding advanced filtering!

This specific update is apt for those sports brands with large amounts of product offering. Other than helping consumers shop on their own terms, it can also give you the competitive edge you need as 62% of major e-commerce sites don’t have advanced filtering. 

Go ahead and talk to your web designer on how you can implement this strategy. 

4. Product Visualization

It’s common for most online stores and sports brands nowadays to produce and publish eye-catching visuals — especially now that modern consumers have grown to become very visual. 

Most people expect that they can easily find details of your product at any time and having exceptional product visualization is a great way of doing this! Make use of tools that will allow people to see your product better. 

Fourth Source states great visualization can lead to an increased number of sales by 25% to 30%!

5. Publish Compelling Content

There’s a common misconception that content marketing like blog posts are not really applicable for online shops, but in reality, they actually really need them. 

A point often overlooked in content marketing is the strategy is meant to improve the ranking of a website. As we’ve mentioned earlier, publishing great content is another way of improving the SEO of your site — and as they say, great visibility means higher conversion rates! 

Don’t be afraid to give content marketing a try by adding them to your new marketing plan! When executed properly, it can help you expand the audience that your site reaches. 

6. Recovery Emails

There’s several reasons behind cart abandonment. For one, studies reveal that 69% of the time, additional costs such as shipping fees intimidate customers. On the other hand, some say it’s due to complicated check out processes and slow websites. No matter what the reason may be, cart abandonment is never great for business. 

How can you entice these prospects to come back to your site? Send them recovery emails! Recent studies have revealed that almost half of recovery emails sent out gets opened and one third of them results in complete purchases. Don’t be afraid to hit them up with emails that encourage them to complete their transactions. 

7. Retargeting Customers

Statistics have revealed that 95% of users don’t purchase anything during their initial visit to an eCommerce site — a pretty significant number especially for those budding online sports brands. 

Luckily, the Internet has provided businesses the opportunity of catching those sales even if the customer already left their website! Retargeting is an effective way of enticing your prospects to come back to your site and shop! 

8. Email Marketing

While some people may view email marketing as a relatively older strategy, it remains to have a median ROI of 122% — four times higher in comparison to the ROI rates of platforms like social media, direct mail and paid research. 

The great thing about email marketing is it allows sports brands to leverage the customer data they already have! For instance, they can build their initial email list by gathering the emails they have gathered through purchases and scale it up by offering free coupons or discounts to users who sign up to the list! 

As mentioned earlier, email marketing campaigns serve as a great tool in retargeting and recovering customers but aside from this, it can also help you gather more customer reviews through post-purchase follow ups! They are a great way of letting customers know that you really care about them — even after the transaction.

9. Leveraging User-Generated Content

One popular way of making the most out of customer feedback is by using them to promote your products further! Take for example Coca-Cola’s well-known Share A Coke campaign that allowed consumers to create their own bottles with their names or their loved ones names.

Encourage your customers to share your eCommerce website using hashtags on social media or competitions! This strategy can help you drive more traffic to your site and cultivate a following of people who actually like your brand!

10. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is considered a staple strategy for most marketers. While SEO and content marketing takes a while to produce great results, AdWords creates profitable byproducts in no time! 

Despite its effectiveness, experts would often advise cautionary use — especially for smaller brands. This is because the strategy has the tendency of developing into a costly and highly inefficient tool if not used properly. That’s why it’s best for small sports brands to seek the consultation of marketing experts like the ones Creatitive has! 

Make the Most Out of Your Investment

Admittedly, implementing these strategies would entail a lot of money. But great marketing plans, when executed properly, becomes a great asset for businesses! 

Make the most out of your hard-earned money by seeking the help of digital marketing agencies! Their experts can help you implement the strategies mentioned above and more!

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