5 Winning Workout Websites With Great Web Design

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5 Winning Workout Websites With Great Web Design

Nowadays, home workouts have become a norm. Personal trainers and even fitness instructors have started creating their own Youtube channel or workout websites where they share various fitness content like workout videos, meal plans or daily workouts. 

And before people knew what was happening, the demand for full length content on healthy recipes and cardio workouts have increased. A large majority of the world loved the fact that everyone seemed to be getting into health and fitness. But there are those who wondered how exercise videos rose to the top anyway. 

How Workout Videos Became A Thing

Ultimately, a lot of deciding factors contributed to the sudden demand for free workouts through fitness websites. But one of the more significant reasons is the sudden change of lifestyle for Millennials. 

In case you haven’t heard, the demographic of Millennials has been considered as the most active and health-obsessed group of people. But unfortunately for them, their daily lifestyle puts a constraint to their fitness level. A large majority of them found themselves in work situations that don’t allow them to have enough time for gym

And as a result, they were forced to find another way of achieving their  plans of weight loss or building muscle — hence workout video websites! These videos and sites help much of the world in meeting their fitness goal at the comfort of their own home but aside from busy fitness enthusiasts, there are other people taking advantage of this trend. 

Gyms and even personal trainers as well as fitness instructors used this emerging trend to market their businesses. But instead of just staying on the platform of Youtube, some have decided to create their own fitness website! 

They use these free informative content to promote a healthier lifestyle while providing target audiences a sneak peek of the services they offer. It’s a great marketing strategy for them! And if you’re thinking of giving it a try, Creatitive’s here to help you figure out how you can create your own winning fitness website by taking a look at some of the best workout websites of today! 

Now before we get down to the list, let’s first discuss the qualities of a great workout website!

The Makings of A Great Fitness Website

When it comes to creating a great fitness website, there are two main things that you need; website design and content. Nowadays, it’s not enough for brands to simply just create and publish workout videos.

Because of the increasingly competitive nature of the market, brands are expected to create sites that are able to do more for users! 


In case you haven’t heard, content is king — be it in the form of a video or a blog. Just take a look at some of today’s greatest websites! Each of them have their own blogs, this is because content marketing is referred to as one of the greatest marketing strategies of today. 

So if you’ve been thinking about launching your own blog, now’s the perfect time to do it! A good fitness website is one that serves users and brands well. Not only is it able to provide users with informative content but it effectively markets the brand by showing off the benefits of what it’s like to be their client. 

Additionally, blogs are a great platform to have in-depth discussions in. For instance, if you want to talk about the importance of a balanced diet when it comes to losing weight, you have your blog to turn to! You can start delving into several topics of health and fitness without worrying about if it’s too long or not.

Web Design

Ultimately, a great website can be a powerful tool for business — regardless of whether you’re a gym instructor or not — especially if it’s designed with the end user in mind! If not created carefully, users may miss the message you’re trying to convey and are more likely to walk away. 

But if you spend enough time understanding the needs and wants of your target audiences, your website will be able to convey both your services and the benefits of becoming your client. Keep in mind that users want convenience, they want to easily find information they need.

Hence, it’s important that you ensure your website has easy navigation and is logically structured. The more time users spend on looking for more information, the more impatient they become. Additionally, a good looking site is guaranteed to catch the attention of users!

Admittedly, coming up with an aesthetically-pleasing and functional site can be pretty hard — especially for those without enough background on web design. With that in mind, Creatitive has listed down 5 fitness sites that have winning website designs!

5 Winning Workout Sites

  • Roman Fitness Systems

The NYC-based personal training company’s website is obviously different from other workout websites. Aside from the humorous copy, the site straightaway asks the user about their goal — do they want to lose weight or do you want to build muscle. 

If a user chooses one of the two options, they can easily learn about the company’s services targeted for that goal. Should they choose to scroll further down, the story of the founder is featured alongside other important information.

  • Boom Boom Performance & Nutrition

One look at the website and you’ll immediately know it has been designed with the user experience in mind. Its navigation menu allows visitors to easily find what they need — from information on the founder, Cody McBroom down to their podcast episodes! 

The site is well structured enough to ensure everyone’s needs and wants will be met regardless of the phase they are in as a consumer. 

  • The Body Blueprint

Anyone who visits The Body Blueprint can easily learn more about the company using its header that features introductory videos. 

Once they scroll down, they’re greeted with more information as well as links to both in-person and online training for those ready to purchase visitors!

  • The Robards Method

If you’re a personal trainer, much of your marketing should include the goal of increasing brand awareness and generating leads. 

One good example of a site that successfully does both is Tim Robard’s website! His logo and color scheme is embedded into the layout of the site. Aside from this, the site’s navigation easily allows access to his blog and his shop!

  • Morelli Fit

MFit’s website immediately asks the same question Roman Fitness Systems — the only difference is that MFit has respective landing pages for those who want to lose weight or gain mass. 

The site straightforward leads users to what they need by visiting each product or service appropriate to the user’s end goal in one landing page.

Consulting With Experts

Ultimately, creating a great fitness website dedicated while creating great content for working out is pretty hard. Luckily, there are great digital marketing agencies like Creatitive more than ready to help you out!

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