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During the previous year, the American Chiropractic Association estimated that there will be 80,000 practicing chiropractors with over 2,500 students graduating from colleges each year. If you’re a chiropractor we have chiropractic marketing ideas that will help you get your business started.

It’s normal for people to feel baffled by this prediction — after all, not a lot of people know there’s actually been a rise in the number of cases of people suffering from back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and more. Unbeknownst to the public, 35 million patients in the US are cured by chiropractors.

Furthermore, experts believe that the American chiropractic market will reach a net worth of $17.93 billion by the year 2025 and is anticipated to have a CAGR of 4.32% during the same year. These figures alone are enough to showcase the success of the industry — the kind of success that not a lot of people anticipated.

Of course, a booming industry usually means a saturated and competitive market. And if you’re a relatively newer chiropractor, the facts we’ve mentioned above elicits two emotions; excitement and fear. 

Excitement for the possibility of a fruitful future and fear for the kind of competition you’ll have to deal with. Surely, increasing demand is great for business but it would usually come with new competitors — but you shouldn’t be intimidated!

In hopes of helping budding chiropractors pursue their dream careers, Creatitive has listed down 10 of the best marketing ideas that can help grow chiropractic offices!

10 of The Greatest

With almost every marketing effort — if not all — being done online, it’s hard to distinguish which marketing strategy really works and which marketing campaigns work well for your business. The answer to this question; everything works, if you know how to use it to your advantage. 

The great thing about the Internet and today’s modern technology is that they are all designed to accommodate businesses from different industries — even chiropractic services! And with this in mind, we’re here to explore 10 of the best chiropractic marketing ideas and how chiropractic practices can use them to their advantage.

1. Build Your Website And Optimize It

Just like any other website for businesses, a chiropractic website should be created and designed with the clients in mind. For instance, patients should be able to easily schedule consultations through your website. 

Clients should be able to easily read and navigate your site or else they’ll end up at another site. And in line with this, it’s also best that you start optimizing your site as early as now. Though people often think SEO starts and ends with blogs, optimization should start with your website!

Consult an SEO expert and a web designer to learn how your website can be SEO-ready! Without SEO-fundamentals, search engines are bound to have a harder time finding your website.

2. Creating Blog Posts

Once your website is good to go, you should have no trouble in starting your content marketing campaign!

Considered as one of the greatest online marketing strategies, content marketing works for everyone — regardless of the nature of their business. The kind of service you offer doesn’t matter, content is sure to generate leads, especially if implemented right. 

After ensuring your website is optimized and good to go, you can now start your own blog! Guaranteeing your website has all the SEO fundamentals it needs is a must — your content might be great but it won’t do much if people don’t see it. 

Do your own research on the frequently asked questions on chiropractic care by either asking your current clients or going on the internet yourself! It’s also important for you to keep in mind the keywords you want to target.

Once you’ve written enough content for your blog, you can compile each article and turn it into a downloadable e-book. These chiropractic marketing ideas can be used to start building your email marketing campaign! 

3. Build An Email List

The great thing about email marketing is that it allows you to use resources that you already have — your client’s email address! 

While some people may argue that email marketing is a relatively older chiropractic marketing ideas in comparison to social media marketing, statistics show that they remain to have a higher ROI compared to its successor. 

Start writing your newsletters and further build your reputation as a reliable expert to your patients! This strategy is one of the more inexpensive tactics available in marketing plans, 

4. Connect With Social Media

It’s a no-brainer for both local businesses and international businesses alike to have social media accounts — after all, there are about 3.5 billion of users online on these platforms. 

The number of people who use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram made social media marketing an irresistible tactic! Businesses can easily improve brand awareness by creating content that’s relevant to the platform and their audience. 

5. Generate More Content

Take social media marketing to another level by creating your own Youtube channel! Just like the first three platforms we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s an estimated number of 1.9 billion users on Youtube. And despite the several platforms available today, Youtube continues to be a big player for marketing

Nowadays, content marketing now involves videos and unlike other forms of media that can be limiting, it allows users to consume large amounts of information for a small amount of their time. It’s a perfect strategy for chiropractors who want to discuss their services in a more detailed manner! 

Putting Focus on Content 

Among the five strategies mentioned above, there’s one recurring theme that can be observed; great content. For your website to have a higher search engine ranking, it must have well-written, optimized content. And for your social media accounts to prosper, it’s a must for you to consistently publish great content! 

Admittedly, regularly coming up with moving content can be pretty tasking — especially for practitioners who are focused on providing great service to their patients. Luckily, there are marketing agencies like Creatitive that help passionate chiropractor heal more people!

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