Fitness Marketing Ideas for Personal Trainers

fitness marketing ideas

Fitness Marketing Ideas for Personal Trainers

As a personal trainer, your job is to help people live better and healthier lives. And you’re great at your job. But how are you at attracting new clients and building your book so you’re never stuck with empty time slots? It all comes down to successful marketing and with the right marketing strategy in place, you’ll set yourself up for long-term success. Here are a few great fitness marketing ideas to try right now.

Get Down with Social Media

These days, almost everyone has a social media account. And they use them for far more than just connecting with friends. If you’re not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you’re missing out. Open an account and start by sharing fitness tips, fun workouts, and inspirational pictures. Your existing clients can share these posts with their network and help you spread your brand by word of mouth.

Once you start developing a following, you can even advertise on these platforms to increase visibility and reach new members of your community. If you’re looking for the best creative fitness marketing ideas, this is a great place to start.

Build an Email List

Chances are your existing clients already communicate with you by email. Take advantage of that and start building an email list. Encourage people to sign up by offering free monthly tips and tricks, nutrition advice, and anything else you feel could be useful to your clients. Though information should always be the main focus of these emails, you can also advertise upcoming events, new training programs, and discounts as they happen. Just keep promotions as a side focus—the last thing you want to do is come across as spammy.

Share Your Story

When it comes to fitness marketing ideas, getting personal is always a great plan. Clients come to you for help, but it’s easy for prospective clients to feel intimidated. After all, you’re fit and you spend time in a gym surrounded by other athletic people. Take some of that fear away by promoting your story. Share it on your website and your social media accounts. Make yourself human in their eyes. By becoming relatable, you become trustworthy and people will be more likely to work with you than others in the industry.

The best creative fitness marketing ideas are ones that come easily to you. Remember, you’re selling your personality as well as your services. Show it off! If you want to run traditional marketing campaigns and use paid advertisements, get help from a professional.

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