Branding Definition: Mastering Effective Branding for Fitness Startups

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Branding Definition: Mastering Effective Branding for Fitness Startups

There’s no lie that the fitness industry has one of the most competitive markets today. From traditional gyms to fitness ventures that offer a new experience, the playground has truly become saturated. It has made the competition much harder for newbies hoping to join in on the fun. The act of setting yourself apart from the rest could prove itself to be a more challenging task than imagined as firms and fitness clubs are now constantly coming up with fresh ideas on building a strong brand.

So how does an entrepreneur create an identity for themselves that communicates the philosophy your startup wants to convey while making sure that you don’t sound the same as the yoga studio next door? If you think branding your startup starts and ends in creating a cool logo and a slogan, then we’re here to clear some things up!


Defining Branding and Brand Identity to A Business

There is an entire sea of publications explaining what branding and a brand is but to put it in a nutshell, a brand means the overall personality of an entrepreneur’s organization shaped by who it is, who it wants to be, and who people perceive it to be. Everything a firm creates and puts out into the world should consistently translate the values and messaging it hopes to emotionally touch people. Contrary to popular belief, it’s so much more than just color schemes and typefaces — it’s all about forging trust and long term relationships with its customers. For example, people nowadays want to connect with other people through one idea or one belief. If your brand is able to reflect the same desires that consumers has like being part of a healthy community that pushes for both physical and emotional growth, the more they are keen to pick you amongst all of your competition.

Brand identity, on the other hand, means the visual representation of the entrepreneur’s brand — this is where the color schemes, logos, typography and graphic design comes in. It’s the tangible counterpart of your startup’s intangible assets and should be cohesive to your brand. Your brand identity and brand experience could further expand into the design of your website, the social media graphics you want to promote and more! It’s there so that your consumers can easily recognize you from your competition and appeal to them.

Without clear branding, creating a successful brand identity for your startup would defeat its purpose. Having a clear understanding of their difference and connection to one another would allow you to exercise all possible methods of coming up with an effective brand strategy.


Three Cs

Before you scroll start brainstorming for your brand and its identity, it’s important that you keep in mind the three magical Cs before starting anything else; clarity, consistency and constancy.


The first C, clarity, starts with the core message you want your brand to have. It should be short, simple and concise so that your consumers would have an easier time understanding what your startup stands for. The same brand strategy should be applied to your logo and slogan, both should be able to reflect your brand messages clearly while enticing possible customers in. It might be tempting to use fancy words but a clearer idea can easily stick by people’s minds whenever they see your service or products.


The second C, consistency plays a main role in your startup’s brand identity. As we mentioned earlier, everything your startup will unleash to the world should stay consistent with your branding. From what you offer, down to the colors of your logo — it should be able to elicit the same feeling as your brand does. It’s important to keep in mind that this aspect of your brand strategy is centred on visual appeal, your customers should be able to easily recognize you through your service, products, website, social media account, brand graphics and logo.

Social media branding definition is also a must. Not to mention that by keeping consistency in mind, the more likely are your customers to trust your brand and the service or products you offer.


Constancy reinforces your brand through visual designs and how do you take it to the next level? By harnessing every channel available out there and getting your fitness startup out there! Ensuring you make a regular appearance within the circles of your consumers have been made easier by social media platforms, your website and SEO. Traditional manners of staying in touch with your customers like email marketing strategies are still being used by most brands. It would be a shame if the brand you spent so hard working on remains unseen by the general public.


Spend Time Developing Your Brand Identity

While we, as consumers, all interact with at least one brand in our day-to-day lives, we don’t often give much thought to brand awareness definition. Marketing teams across the world spend scads of money developing brand identities, brand messaging, and targeted communication in the hopes of nurturing this important relationship.

While branding is important for all companies, lower-priced ventures in the $50–100K range will require less heavy-duty of a brand. The strength of the brand fosters a sense of legitimacy and value. It then becomes even more critical to have a strong brand identity as your ventures grow and expand.

Start by getting concrete about what your brand stands for and the message you would like it to convey. Think about what makes your business distinct from others similar to it.

Keep in mind the intended effects of branding — promise, loyalty, and differentiation. Your brand should speak to how your venture follows through on the things your customers are looking for. You can build a relationship with them from there.

Finally, make sure that your brand encompasses the three Cs: clarity, constancy, and consistency. In a short amount of time, your brand should communicate an easy-to-understand, honest, and motivating message about your venture.

By focusing on these things, you can be sure to have an established brand identity!

The More, The Merrier!

Now there you go, these are the making of effective branding! Is it too much? Well, that’s because curating a brand for your fitness startup goes beyond picking out eye-catching visual designs. Iconic brands didn’t just simply sauntered their way into the top, they had to climb it just like everyone else. And if you find climbing the mountain that is effective branding too much for you to take on alone, we’re here to help an entrepreneur like you to reach the highest point!

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