3 Easy and Fun Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

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3 Easy and Fun Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

For nonprofits of any size, staying on top of funding is one of the biggest challenges they face. Sure, you can always ask major donors for money, but as a nonprofit, your goal is to get the community involved! The easiest way to do that is create fun events that help improve community engagement while also getting you the money you need. Wondering where to start? We’ve put together a few fun fundraising ideas that are both successful and affordable to host!

Host a 5k Run and Walk

5ks are the perfect family-friendly gathering that garners a lot of attention within the community. Promotions are simple and can be spread on social media, through posters at local businesses, and by partnering with companies in the area. Most of the cost will come from reserving a route, providing t-shirts (because who doesn’t love a new t-shirt?), and offering water and snacks to participants. Just charge a registration fee which will cover the overhead expenses and provide you with new funds.

T-Shirt Fundraisers

Did we mention that people LOVE t-shirts?! As a nonprofit, you already have a logo and mission statement ready to go. You can also get creative and witty by making a new slogan or design. Ask volunteers for design ideas or start a design contest that members of the community can participate in. Once submissions are collected, allow others to vote on their favorites. Winning submissions can then be printed and placed up for sale on your website, at event booths, and even in locally owned stores with owner permission.

Crowdfunded Fundraising

These days, everything happens online and fundraising is no different, but crowdfunding is a bit different than traditional methods. This easy and fun fundraising idea allows your supporters to make contributions online and share your nonprofit’s mission across the web. You’ll be able to reach far more prospective donors as your followers share your fundraiser on social media.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Fun Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

At Creatitive, we’ll help you create a crowdfunding campaign that’s completely tailored to your organization’s mission, needs, and goals. Schedule your consultation today!

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