What is it Like Working With a Digital Advertising Agency?

digital advertising agency

What is it Like Working With a Digital Advertising Agency?

digital agencyBusinesses in any industry, not just sports need a digital advertising agency, especially after a couple of years of challenges and hurdles.

Undoubtedly, modern technology has changed a lot of things for a lot of industries — and sports was one of them. While it may be true that the Internet has been nothing but helpful for a lot of markets, a large majority of them will admit that its arrival has been disruptive. Some may have done well — even thriving — but some didn’t.

One of the many other industries that grew vigorously well with new tech is the sports industry. As a matter of fact, marketers believe that it’s perfectly made for the newer type of marketing and promotion called digital advertising, and that includes even your social media marketing as well. Online advertising agencies love the highly visual nature of the sports industry and within a short span of time, the two industries became great friends alongside digital marketing.

But to truly understand the relationship between the sports industry and digital advertising agencies, we must answer the question of what it is like to work with one of the best digital advertising agencies?


How Digital Marketing Shaped the Past Couple of Years

As mentioned earlier, the sports industry is one of the several markets that thrived in the digitalization of marketing strategies — and it’s not just because of its visual nature.

While it may be true that online marketing and digital advertising like Google Ads rely heavily on engaging visuals and moving content, they also revolve around engagement. Without it, the provoking imagery will go nowhere.

And if there’s anything else that sports fans love besides their favorite players, it’s engaging with them — and frankly, it’s pretty hard to talk to them from behind the sidelines. Fortunately enough for today’s avid sports fans, digital marketing prioritizes this more than anything else.

Sports marketers help both athletes and other businesses reach their target audience almost anywhere on the internet, be it on search results or social media! And this is one of the main reasons why they invest in online advertising and digital marketing.

Both fields of expertise help them reach their market and the general public in an effective way that produces leads. But how do online ad companies do it?

Two Peas in A Pod: Digital Marketing Agencies And Ad Agencies

digital marketing agencyIt’s almost rare, albeit almost impossible, to discuss online advertising companies without mentioning its sibling the digital marketing agency. Businesses often confuse both types of promotion but marketers use them interchangeably.

In its simplest form, the best digital advertising agencies help the best digital advertising agencies implement the marketing strategy they have developed for small businesses. For example, the ad agency will be the one to execute the display ads like Facebook advertisements of one brand depending on the digital marketing agency’s brief.

They may also be tasked to lead the video production efforts of the said campaign while its digital marketing counterpart would be the one in charge of internet marketing strategies like social media marketing and SEO services.

For most sports teams and sports apparel brands, they come hand in hand-they even come in one form in certain settings. New companies that are still a bit clueless on how to market their products and increase lead generation seek the advice of the best digital marketing agencies.

The digital marketing agency would then be the ones to approach online ad agencies for some help in the implementation and execution of the strategy they have developed for the clients.

Both online advertising and digital marketing may have different fields of expertise but both digital agencies have one goal; to help businesses expand their reach.

How Online Advertising Work

As previously mentioned, online advertising and digital marketing efforts can come from separate agencies but oftentimes, some companies offer both! There are digital marketing agencies that excel at both strategic plannings.

Full-time sports marketing companies or digital marketing brands also provide advertising services like graphic design that includes both print and promotional design as well as logo creation.

These agencies offer teams and sports brands the advantage of cohesive marketing campaigns. Not only will they be helping you develop strategies that align with your overall goals, but they’ll also be the ones to implement these tactics!

Planning Successful Digital Advertising Strategies

If you’re wondering what’s it like behind your favorite sports ad campaigns, here’s your rightful guide to the process of digital advertising!

Analyze and Do SWOT

Before any ad campaign becomes its successful counterpart, it starts with analysis. Marketers would set up a meeting with their clients to analyze the team and their brand. They examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and possible threats.

This is commonly called the SWOT AnalysisAside from studying the overall strengths of the brand, this is where sports marketers also discuss the brand’s relationship with their target audience as well as their financial capabilities.

This step is important as it sets the foundation of your entire campaign and gives you a good idea of how to set things up correctly. Hence, you will need the guidance and expertise of a digital marketing agency.

Furthermore, learning the threats your competition poses also gives you an idea of the steps the brand can take to have a competitive advantage. Remember that even with social media marketing campaigns, you need to formulate a concrete foundation of your plans before anything else.

On the other hand, a thorough discussion on the weaknesses of the brand can help clients discover the opportunities it has for future development and growth. Once you do this, you can now set your campaign’s goals!

Set Concrete Goals and KPIs

After gathering enough data from your analysis, you can now start setting the campaign’s goals! Sports marketers would then ask the client what they hope to achieve with the campaign. Do they want to increase brand awareness? Or expand lead generation? Working with the best digital marketing companies will help you practice setting concrete goals and KPIs.

They would encourage their clients to answer questions of such nature truthfully and afterward, they’ll start looking into the target market!

Check Out Your Competition

With your goals and plans in mind, marketers would then proceed to look into the brand’s target audience. It must be remembered that a great campaign relies on proper research into its target market. For instance, researchers would focus their studies on the existing market and their behavior. They would explore the changes that have occurred over the recent months while looking into the prediction of professionals or their own colleagues. Digital marketing is not simply selling your services, but it has to come from substantial studies beforehand.

Another key point for them is to look into both their client and their respective competitor’s position in the market using search engine optimization tactics.

They will look into the existing advertisements of the competitor to see what they can do and what they can’t. This is an important step for the digital marketing agency because it allows them to come up with ideas that are essentially out of the box in comparison to the client’s competition. Remember that in social media advertising, the best digital marketing agencies always check out the competition first before anything else.

Know Your Target Market

This step is not necessarily just for those brands who are yet to figure out their target market. Marketers also adhere to this step in terms of identifying the people they want to reach with the campaign. Knowing the kind of people their clients want to reach helps them in coming up with online digital advertising that is appealing to them.

For example, if their client is an all-female football team, their advertisements would focus on empowering female athletes in breaking barriers. The overall design and the copy of the advertisements they will produce will be based on what works and what doesn’t for the team’s target audience.

Depending on the client’s industry and their niche, there are thousands of important questions marketers would ask them. It is what digital advertising is all about.

For instance, they would ask which demographic group is the campaign for? Where do they live? And what are their relationships with the competitors? These are a few questions digital marketing services will help you to figure out.

The list could go on but what matters most is that the client identifies their people — the audience that suits their goals.

Choose Your Platform

The beauty of online advertisement is that it can be implemented almost everywhere on the internet! From Facebook ads down to Pay-per-click ads, online ad agencies have the power to put their client’s brand almost everywhere.

But aside from designing advertisements appropriate for each respective channel, deciding which platform you’ll use will heavily depend on the data that you have on your target audience. For instance, if a sports team’s chosen audience spends the majority of their time scrolling through Twitter and other social media platforms, it would be best to come up with a campaign that’s appropriate for that channel. This is where a digital marketing agency will come in.

This is all so important with social media advertising. If you want to promote brand awareness, you ought to find the best platforms to do so with the help of your digital marketing company partner.

Furthermore, some sports brands extend their online ads to websites and blogs! Search engine optimization or SEO plays a big role in today’s digital marketing strategies, sports marketers can easily explain the tactic to their clients should they show interest in the strategy.

What matters is that once the client picks their platform, the campaign should focus the majority of its efforts there.

Brainstorm More Ideas

Once the sports marketers have gathered all the information they need, that’s when they’ll start brainstorming ideas for creative online advertisements! Your web development and web design should also be included in this regard because they know exactly what search engines want.

They will take at least three to five sketches and start working on banners, flyers, brochures, and even logos. The creative team will make rough samples of their ideas and maybe show them to some of the target audience for some initial reactions They will then give input to the digital marketing and they will start adjusting the initial designs they have made!

Afterward, implementation will start! The marketers will overview the entire execution step of the campaign and start taking down numbers.

Analyze 2.0

In a like fashion, the campaign would also end in analysis. The digital marketing agency would gather the data they have during the implementation of the sports marketing campaign and start quantifying results.

Undoubtedly, this matters because it will determine whether your joint efforts were successful. Furthermore, the data your digital advertising agency will deliver will be of great use to you for future campaigns.

Outsource Your Digital Marketing Needs Today

Both online advertising agencies and digital marketing companies have grown to be great friends of businesses and athletes in the sports industry. Not only do they come up with greatly curated advertisements, but they also care greatly for their clients.

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