What Are the Different Types of Branding?

types of branding

What Are the Different Types of Branding?

To be successful, every product, company, and organization needs to have a recognizable brand. But what is a brand, exactly? It’s what lets your products and services stand out from the competition. It’s how you improve recognition and encourage repeat customers and clients to support you as you grow. And there are different types of branding that you can use to grow your company. Here are the most important ones to focus on.

Product Brand

If you offer products like clothing and accessories, represent a team, or offer a service, the strong product brand is what people recognize most. Think of it as your company’s label. It’s the logo customers and fans recognize when they’re out and about. This should be one of the first types of branding you develop when launching your company or a new product. You want to have it stick in the minds of your customers. Anytime they ask themselves “what is a brand I like,” your logo should be foremost in their minds.

Personal Brands

For professional athletes and entrepreneurs, focusing on personal athlete branding is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Think of it this way: you represent your own company and what it stands for. You become the brand. This means you need to maintain a good public image and persona. And you need to grow your reputation and interact with fans, clients, customers, and sponsors through social media at very least.

Corporate Brands

Of the different types of branding, corporate brands are perhaps the strangest. So, what is a brand for a corporation and how does it differ from product branding? Well, think of the corporation or company as a product itself. You’re representing the company, its values, and the impact it has on the community.

These brands are best for companies worried about promoting the benefits of the company itself. For example, when you’re hiring employees, they’re interested more in the company brand than any product brands you have. If the company brand is stellar, you’ll attract better applicants and long-term team members.

Start Developing Your Brand Now

These types of branding require patience, determination, and creativity to build and grow. The sooner you start working on your brand and image, the better, but you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, sometimes It’s best to ask for help. Contact our experts to see how we can help you improve your current branding efforts or start building up an entirely new company image.