Developing A Gym Marketing Plan: Mastering Great Marketing

Developing A Gym Marketing Plan: Mastering Great Marketing

The previous decade saw several trends come and go, but if there’s one trend experts believe will stay in the coming new decade, it’s fitness.  This is what makes having a great gym marketing plan so important.

There’s an increasing need for fitness centers as the largely unhealthy population of consumers hope to start their fitness journey. As a matter of fact, one out of five Americans are either heading to the gym or paying for a membership. Whether their starting diet regimens or new workout habits, consumers have developed a great appetite for staying fit and well.

And as the demand for health and wellness grew, so did the market. The number of traditional facilities like gyms grew increasingly, making competition harder than ever. With this in mind, innovators pioneered a new breed of fitness clubs!

Instead of simply focusing on cardio and weight training, specialty fitness centers offered trainings that are focused one one particular style of exercise. Both boxing and kickboxing franchises rose to popularity alongside yoga centers. And within a matter of time, the variety of workout routines and fitness clubs grew.

Despite this, aspiring gym owners shouldn’t be intimated — as a matter of fact, they should be excited! While it may be true that the market is saturated, the opportunities it offers has expanded and will continue to expand as potential clients jump on the bandwagon of staying fit. 

But to ensure that you and your gym gets recognized by everyone, it’s best that you develop a gym marketing plan that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention!

How to Develop The Greatest Marketing Plan

Behind every successful fitness brand — or brand, in general — is a well-built gym marketing plan. Without great marketing campaigns, our favourite sports brands like Nike and Adidas wouldn’t be as big as they are now. That’s why, budding gym owners should spend much of their time learning marketing ideas as much as they spend on personal training. 

While it may be true that creating a marketing plan for fitness center can be challenging for those unfamiliar with digital marketing and the different marketing strategies, its initial steps can be pretty easy. Despite this, it must be remembered that they will serve as the building blocks of your gym marketing plan. 

Key Ingredients to A Great Marketing Plan

Just like any strategy, marketing plans start with the why, what, and how. These three elements will act as the foundation of your entire gym marketing plan. 

Gym owners should start by settling down their main goals. For instance, decide on whether you want to grow your business by attracting potential customers or just focus on raising brand awareness. 

Though it can be tempting to add more than one goal, it’s best to just pick one and focus there. Your overall goal will determine both of your marketing strategies and your objectives! For instance, if you want to increase brand awareness for your gym then your three objectives would be:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase social media following
  • Attract new members

Once you’ve decided on the main objectives of the campaign, it’s time for you to think about its how! Take a look at the different marketing strategies for gyms as well as the wide variety of fitness marketing ideas and see which of them is the most appropriate. 

For example, to address your gym’s need for brand new members, you can look at referral programs. For brands who want to improve brand awareness, they’ll have to look into the different marketing channels they can use — like search engines — to increase visibility. 

Don’t be afraid to make some phone calls to marketing experts for consultations. Admittedly, knowing which marketing strategy would work best for your objectives can be a bit tricky — especially if you’re no expert. So don’t be afraid of reaching out for some help!

After finalizing your marketing strategies, you can discuss in detail the tactics you’ll be using. This would include discussing the mechanics for certain promotional efforts, deliverables for digital marketing efforts as well as the different channels you’ll be using.

For instance, finalize the mechanics of giveaways or weight loss contests you want to hold. For brands who want to improve their social media presence, now is the perfect time to brainstorm the content you’ll be creating and posting!

It must be remembered that these tactics will be used to achieve objectives. Hence, it’s important to deliberate whether these efforts will help you in reaching your goal. If not, then it’s best for you to find something else that’ll create results. 

Lastly, you’ll need to discuss your measurements of success. Each tactic should have its metrics so that you’ll know whether it was successful or not. And these metrics should be in line with your objectives. 

For instance, your new blog posts might’ve earned a lot of clicks this month but if it was unsuccessful in moving people to contact you, then it probably failed. 

These metrics are supposed to tell you what worked and what didn’t — and for it to successfully do that, it needs to be in line with your objectives and your main goal. 

New Friends for New Businesses

As mentioned earlier, creating a gym marketing plan for a gym is easier said than done. Though budding fitness brands can opt to do this process by themselves, it begs the question of whether DIY is the right way to go. 

Admittedly, gym owners have the option of partnering with a marketing organization but at the same time, the costs could be quite high — but this doesn’t have to be the case. 

There are digital marketing companies that offer cost-efficient services to smaller businesses. Additionally, some of them also offer free consultations! So if you need any help on certain decisions for your marketing plan, there are experts more than willing to help!

While it may be true that doing your gym marketing plan on your own can save you money, nothing beats expertise. These marketing organizations will always prioritize what’s best for your business. Should they see anything that can jeopardize a campaign, they immediately act on it. 

Furthermore, marketing experts can help you achieve omnichannel success through consistent marketing! Unlike other marketing goals, a successful omnichannel campaign can only be achieved through consistent strategies.

And because marketing companies often offer services that range from graphic designing to content writing, clients don’t have to worry about consistent marketing. They will make sure that even the smallest details are in line with your goals!

With the new decade coming in, it’s only apt for gym owners to make new friendships!

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