Dental Marketing: Why a Mobile Responsive Website Is Crucial

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Dental Marketing: Why a Mobile Responsive Website Is Crucial

As a dentist, you’re in the business to help people with their smiles. And as a business, you need to make sure you’re reaching those people when they need you most. You can bet they’re not going to reach for the phone book when they need someone to fix an achy tooth. Instead, they’ll take to the internet. While a website is an absolute must for any successful dental marketing plan, it’s only a start.

The truth is, you need a mobile responsive website to help you reach customers when they need you most.

What Is a Mobile Responsive Website?

A mobile responsive website is any site that automatically adjusts for users viewing its pages on a smartphone or tablet. The layout changes, the menu is more easily navigable, and your contact information automatically links to a phone number for patients to call your business.

Why It Should Be Part of Your Dental Marketing Plan

It’s not a standard feature of most website designs. But it can make all the difference in getting customers through your door. Remember, most people access the internet on their smartphones. And a standard website is going to be too large to display properly on a small screen. Worse, it can turn prospective patients off from contacting your practice before they ever see information about your services.

Worse, it can change the way your website performs in search engine rankings. In fact, a mobile responsive site can be just as helpful to your marketing plan as your dental marketing SEO strategy. It shows that you’re actively trying to make your site as accessible as possible and the search engine algorithms notice those changes.

Make Sure You Have Responsive Designs in Place

The best way to make sure your site adjusts for mobile browsers is to check it on your own smartphone or tablet. If it looks different from your standard website and all the pages work properly, you’ll be able to navigate the information quickly.

Even if your design automatically adjusts, you might notice some information just doesn’t make the transition. And if it doesn’t at all, you’ll want to work with an experienced dental marketing team to create a mobile version of your company’s website as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk losing out on new business even if you’re doing everything else right.

Schedule a Consultation

Mobile sites should be a part of every dental marketing strategy. Schedule a consultation with our experts today. We’ll get your strategy up to snuff whether you’re worried about dental marketing SEO or marketing in general.

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