Custom Football Jersey: The Importance of Football Kits

custom football jersey

Custom Football Jersey: The Importance of Football Kits

Whenever the FIFA World Cup season hits, avid football fans are often anticipating new line ups or great matches. But aside from the games itself, there’s another major part of the season that they eagerly wait for — new custom football jersey!

The reveal of newly designed strips have become a big moment for both the football teams and their fans. Because aside from a new collaboration with major sportswear companies, new strips means new football kits for fans! 

For instance, supporters of Manchester United can easily purchase the same custom football uniforms that their favorite players wear! And because for the increasing popularity of the sport, these high quality kits are selling like hot cakes — so much so that critics believe becoming a football fan has become an expensive hobby. 

These custom flag football jerseys don’t come cheap and more often than not, they are changing every season! Add these team uniforms to the stadium tickets you have to pay for just to watch them live and you have quite the spending.

Ultimately, creating custom football jerseys creates great opportunities for a team. Learn how these football kits can elevate your team’s brand! 

Traditional Sponsorships Vs Kit Deals

When football kits are discussed, sponsorships come to mind almost immediately. Almost — if not — all of the flag football uniforms seen each season donned the logo of a major activewear brand. 

Just take a look at Barcelona’s custom Nike football jerseys! Seeing sportswear brands design custom jerseys for teams has long been a tradition in the game — it is a form of sponsorship, after all. But, despite its similarities with normal deals, these kits are more comparable to licensing deals!

When a team signs a licensing agreement with a brand, they are granting manufacturers the permission to use their colors and logo to sell replica shirts. For example, Barcelona’s long term contract with sportswear giant Nike allows them to sell their kits each season and in return, the club receives around $174.83 million. 

According to a recent study by a sports analytics company, these deals can boost the annual revenue of big teams like Manchester United by more than $100 million. And because of the growing interest in the sport, the competition for these deals have become fierce. 

Sports brands are constantly on the lookout for rising teams they can team up with! Ultimately, landing a kit deal could be a great thing for your football team’s brand — and here’s a couple of reasons why we think so!

Why Kits Matter

When it comes to deals of such nature, the first benefit that often comes to the amount of funding it can generate for clubs — from both the merchandising and sponsorship side. 

While merchandising generally depends on the popularity and the success of the club themselves, there are companies that actually pay to be a team’s official provider. For example, the Premier League alone produces tons of eye-watering deals involving football kits that counts for a huge slice of a team’s funding. 

Add this number to your traditional sponsorships and your team earns more! By gathering sponsorships and licensing deals, your brand becomes irresistible to other brands. And soon enough you’ll be able to sign better deals. 

Aside from this, football kits enforce a feeling of belongingness amongst fans. If you took a look at some of the iconic strips in the league, all of them feature the signature colors of each team. And because of the portrayal of a uniform on each game, there’s a sense of equality and team spirit between the players and the teams. 

Ultimately, custom jerseys help cultivate the ultimate gaming experience for everyone — making them a must for each season! But where should teams start? Luckily, because of today’s current digital landscape, they don’t really have to go far! 

Leveraging Social Media

When it comes to sponsorship or licensing deals nowadays, social media presence plays a prevalent role. Brands want to invest their money on teams that make every cent worth it — hence, they are constantly on the lookout for those that have great social media presence!

With the help of teams active on social media, sponsors can easily get the brand awareness they need! That’s why nowadays, teams are recommended to spend as much time on their social media accounts as they do in training. This is because organic social media engagement can be used as a powerful leverage in deals. 

Start by creating your own accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram! If you already have existing accounts on those platforms, don’t be afraid to reach out to Creatitive for some help on building your online presence!

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