Crowdfunding for Non profits Campaign: Where to Start

crowdfunding for non profit raising

Crowdfunding for Non profits Campaign: Where to Start

For nonprofit organizations, raising money is one of their main concerns. If they want to be able to continuously support their cause, they have to openly accept donations that will pay their staff and replenish their resources. 

But what happens if the donations are relatively low? They resort to the traditional fundraising campaigns! And with the help of today’s modern technology as well as the internet, nonprofit fundraising have been made easier by crowdfunding websites!

Here’s everything you need to know about online fundraising and crowdfunding pages!


How to Effectively Raise Funds

Before we start exploring the new fundraising platforms the internet has introduced, let’s first start discussing how to effective run a fundraising campaign

Maybe you already have a platform in mind and maybe you’ve already created a campaign outline — now it’s time to think about how you can promote and lead the best crowdfunding for non profit organizations. Here are some tips that guarantee you a successful campaign! 


Figure Out Who You’re Trying to Reach

Nonprofit crowdfunding can be successful if organizations know who to target. For instance, there are some people who are more likely to support your organization than others. Instead of simply aiming for everyone, take a look at the types of people who contribute most to your organization. 

Pay attention to the kind of project they’d want to support and think about how it’ll ultimately help your overall cause. If you think your campaign and its beneficiaries are something that your people truly care about, then you can proceed with creating a fundraising page! 

By targeting the right people, you are actively campaigning for peer to peer fundraising — one of the most effective ways of raising awareness and raising funding!


Choose a Platform Designed for Nonprofit Crowdfunding

Believe it or not, there are tons of crowdfunding platforms available — which we’ll discuss later — and each one comes with certain fees like credit card processing fees. To ensure that your campaign is on the right platform, it’s best that you do your research!

Look at the types of campaigns that are already successful on the platform and pick one that speaks to you. Choosing the wrong platform can make or break your campaign. And in order to help you out on this task, we’ll be discussing today’s most preferred sites!


Show How Crowdfunding For Non Profit Raising Makes a Difference

Crowdfunding for non-profit raising is most effective when donors know where their money will go and how it makes a difference. By sharing photos and videos on your site or your campaign page, donors will see how much of an impact they’re making by supporting your organization. 

This information is easy to share on social media and when you connect with the right people, they’ll spread your campaign like wildfire. As we’ve mentioned earlier, when you reach audiences that share the same beliefs as your organization, the more support you’ll receive!

Always Ask for Kickstarter Help

Fundraising for nonprofits is hard enough when you’re familiar with the ins and outs of the process. But starting with crowdfunding for non-profits takes things to a whole other level. It’s always best to have an experienced pro to help you set everything up in the first place.


The Best Crowdfunding Site For Nonprofit Organizations

The continuous growth of the internet has resulted in several crowdfunding platforms. Frankly speaking, if you’re relatively new to the game, the variety of options can leave you more confused than ever. 

That’s why, Creatitive has made the decision to list some of today’s leading sites for non-profit campaigns!



Considered as the top crowdfunding platform for non-profit organizations, anyone who sets up their campaign with Fundly is reassured that they’re in great hands! 

The site allows its users to easily set up a great looking page and share it with their prospect donors through social media and email. Fundly is known for prioritizing mobile optimization, taking its time in designing pages that look great even on mobile browsers! Additionally, its team of experts provide in-depth guides that can help campaigns become a guaranteed success.

Another great thing about the platform is it’s way of emphasizing engagement on its pages. Fundly allows its user to provide blog-like updates, allowing them to keep the conversation going. And in terms of pricing, they charge a 4.9% platform fee alongside a credit card processing fee of 2.9%.



For those who are hoping to lead a different campaign, they can give Bonfire’s platform a try! Bonfire is a t-shirt-based crowdfunding platform for nonprofits of any sizes.

The site allows users to design t-shirts, market it, sell it and ship it! Users no longer have to worry about learning graphic design as they offer a custom builder that creates professional-looking apparel! Another great advantage of Bonfire is that it offers no merchandise fee upfront. 

The platform allows you to utilize your donor’s contributions to pay for the apparel while the remainder of your profits go to your cause! Not to mention that verifying your campaign’s non-profit status reduces your processing fees. 



The all-in-one platform offers affordable tools that work for any organization. Handbid designed their site with quick setup and user experience in mind. With their tools, users can easily create a fully immersive crowdfunding experience!

Furthermore, their comprehensive social fundraising features are integrated into their silent auction platform. This would allow users to manage all their fundraisers with one single interface! And when it comes to it’s pricing, they have affordable pricing packages that suits any budget. 


Schedule a Consultation

Ultimately, crowdfunding can be complicated — but with the help of experts, things can become much easier! If you’re not sure where to start with your crowdfunding campaign, you may benefit from speaking to one of our experts. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let our team streamline your fundraising and crowdsourcing efforts.

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