Creative Marketing Ideas: Starting Your YouTube Channel

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Creative Marketing Ideas: Starting Your YouTube Channel

Almost everyone in the internet knows that Google is the number one popular search engine in the world — what platform comes in number two? YouTube. Admittedly, we’ve all spent hours on the platform enjoying great content. As a matter of fact, the platform has about a billion users around the world and has been accessed in 78 languages.  It’s a great tool for any business and can really be useful with some creative marketing ideas.

YouTube has a great audience and if brands want to improve their online presence and their respective SEO campaigns, it’s the perfect platform to use. It will help companies create and share easily-consumable pieces of content with their audiences. 

But while statistics have revealed that 48% of today’s marketers are already planning to integrate the platform into their ongoing social media marketing campaigns, the platform can still be an overwhelming tool for those not really familiar with the marketing tactics usually utilized on the platform. 

With this in mind, Creatitive has created a comprehensive guide into YouTube marketing that can help further expand the reach of your creative marketing campaign ideas

A Guide to Creating your Brand’s YouTube Account

Before we jump into the matter of creating quality content for your target audience, let’s first start with the basics of creating your YouTube account. 

If you’re a normal content creator, you would create a normal YouTube account that only gives access to one Google account. This is because most creators on the platform often operate by themselves but for larger organizations like brands or companies, it’s best that they create Brand Accounts on Google. 

Brand Accounts are specifically made for companies and allows several people to log in simultaneously. For instance, if you want your graphic designers to come in and brand your channel while your other marketers work on the account itself, you’re free to do that! 

You don’t have to leave the task of managing the entire account to one person alone. You can have one person dedicated to implementing strategies such as content marketing and fan engagement

Once you’re all done and settled, you can then proceed to branding your channel! 

YouTube’s Branding Guidelines

While it may seem like branding a YouTube channel is as easy as setting up Facebook or Instagram accounts are, the platform actually has its own branding guidelines that help businesses brand their channels better!

Channel Name: To ensure consistent branding, your channel’s name must match that of your other social media accounts. It must be remembered that your channel name will be associated with every video you publish on the platform, hence it’s best that it consistently represents your company!

Channel Icon: Your icon acts like your Facebook page’s profile picture—  the only difference is that Google recommends it’s an 800×800 square or round image. For personal brands, it’s only appropriate that you use a professional headshot while companies can opt for their logos! 

Channel Art: When it comes to picking your channel’s art, you must keep in mind that a large majority of users access YouTube using different kinds of devices. Some may casually browse the platform on their computers, some may use the mobile app while some could watch their videos on a flat-screen TV. 

With that in mind, make sure to use an image that will scale well across all of those devices. 

Description: Your channel’s description will provide your target audiences more information on your brand, the products or services you offer and the kind of content you are publishing. And unbeknownst to many, search engines often use a YouTube channel’s description in determining its ranking for certain search terms. 

Make sure to use the right keywords and if you already have an existing SEO campaign, you can use the strategies you are implementing on your site to your channel! Additionally, don’t forget to add links to all of your social media accounts as well as your website. 

Later, we will further discuss how optimization can help your videos reach more potential customers!

Trailers: There’s been a growing trend of content creators developing trailers that give audiences a glimpse of what their channel is all about. But unlike regular videos, they often have a span of 30-60 seconds. 

Luckily, because ads aren’t allowed on trailers, you have the full attention of your audiences! Make sure to create them as engaging as possible. Don’t forget to keep in mind your brand’s own guidelines to ensure that it remains consistent with everything else in your  marketing plan! 

URL: While ensuring that each of your creative marketing ideas have consistent branding is a must, YouTube limits customized URLs to those who have over 100 subscribers and whose account is more than 30 days old. 

Admittedly, this is a bit limiting for a brand but you can leverage your other marketing tools such as email marketing and blog posts to promote your channel and give you a head start on your subscriber count! 

Fool-proof Video Ideas

Ultimately, YouTube’s audience is a hard egg to crack — especially since 300 hours of video is uploaded every minute and the platform has around 50 million content creators. If you want to grab the attention of your target audience, you’d have to come with clever ideas to catch their eye and keep it on you. 

Luckily, almost every brand — and creator — nowadays suffers from this and because of this, a previous Huffington Post listed down some of the most effective video formats that guarantees great ROIs! 

1. Customer Testimonials

Regardless of the marketing tools and technology being used today, no one can deny that the effectiveness of word mouth remains accurate until this day. The only difference now is that it now comes in a different form. 

Through testimonials, you build brand and product credibility! Furthermore, it could also elicit user-generated content from your loyal customers — which further reinforces the credibility your brand already has!

2. Product Demonstrations

If you’re planning on introducing a brand new product or service, an introductory demonstration is the perfect way to do so! Formats of such nature often discuss the benefits of a product and the proper way of using them. 

Should your brand have an already existing email newsletters campaign, you can launch the product or service to your loyal customers by sharing the video!

3. Interview With A Thought Leader

If your brand offers industry-specific services, one of the greatest ways you can cultivate integrity is by inviting experts to discuss important topics.

Thought leaders often command authority in certain fields. Audiences take their great expertise seriously and highly trust their opinions. So if you gain the support of a great expert, for instance Elon Musk, people immediately think highly of your brand!

3. YouTube Live

Though a relatively newer feature to the platform, a lot of people are already jumping on the trend of going live! Not only does it allow you to share unfiltered moments, it also allows you to interact with the audience, real-time. 

Furthermore, live streams actually have a better reach in comparison to normal videos. Recent studies have noted that some of YouTube’s audiences prefer live streams that pre-recorded videos. 

5. Vlogs

While most people often refer to vlogs as daily life content, there’s another format of vlogs that can be very effective for brands; summarized blog posts! 

Admittedly, not everyone has the time to read lengthy blog posts but by creating videos based on your existing blogs helps them easily digest more content. 

Cultivating A Great Plan

While the formats mentioned above gives brands a good idea on which video works and what doesn’t, the planning doesn’t end there. 

If brands want to develop a solid marketing strategy for their YouTube channel, it’s not enough to just know what kind of videos do well. The remainder of your creative digital marketing ideas will be determined by your audiences and your competitors. 

Learn About Your Audiences

Another great advantage of YouTube is its Analytics Tab that contains several statistics and other information related to your brand’s channel. From quantitative data on audience behavior down to the interaction rate across different videos. Additionally, it also includes valuable data on your subscriber demographics. 

The analytics tab allows brands to pay close attention to their audiences and would help them determine if they are reaching the right people. If the audience analytics shows the brand is reaching the right consumers, they can then reinforce their strategies further. 

But should it show the opposite, the brand has the opportunity to redirect their content strategy to the right direction. At its worst, brands can identify if their strategies resonated with an unexpected demographic. 

Either way, it’s a win-win situation!

Study Your Competition

Competitive analysis should become a no-brainer for most brands who want to be ahead of other businesses. Luckily, this time, they can conduct their research just by browsing their competition’s channels! 

By doing so, you can start identifying potential opportunities and you’ll get a better understanding of the content that your audience likes. Another important thing to keep in mind is the keywords they often use in their descriptions. This will help you determine your competitors optimization strategies which can help you develop yours! 

Ensuring Profitable Views

Earlier, we mentioned how the optimization of YouTube channels and videos are similar to your traditional on-page SEO tactics. Now, we’ll dive deeper into the factors you need to keep in mind while doing so! 

Keyword Research

Just like any SEO campaign, brands need to conduct keyword research to determine what their target audience often look for. Once they’ve finalized the keywords they’ll be using, they can start working on their video’s titles, descriptions and tags. 


It’s common practice for marketers to ensure that their titles are clear as well as compelling but engaging titles are crucial in the platform. They must be able to elicit curiosity from audiences or convey useful information. 

Place your main keyword and a few crucial information to your title but ensure that it stays around 60 characters so that it won’t be cut off when it appears on the results pages. 


The platform only reveals the first two to three lines of a video description and should viewers want to read beyond it, they’ll have to click the video to see the rest. 

With that in mind, it’s best for brands to create copies that have CTAs in the beginning of the description so that it drives views and engagement!


Another great way of using your target keywords is by utilizing them on your video’s tags! Tags are created to associate your videos with similar content, broadening your campaign’s reach. 

Upon tagging, add your main keywords first before proceeding to use your secondary keywords. To ensure great results, try coming with a mix of normal keywords and long-tail keywords! 

Why You Should Work With Experts

Ultimately, YouTube offers brands and businesses great opportunities of expanding brand awareness and increasing sales. But at the same time, it’s a pretty saturated platform wherein everyone is fighting for everyone’s attention. 

Because of this, it’s best for budding brands to collaborate with sports digital marketing agencies like Creatitive for help in cracking the code on creative marketing ideas! The great thing about working with companies like us is that our teams’ expertise covers varieties of platforms. Not only can we help you cultivate your brand’s YouTube channel, we can also give you some advice on how you can leverage one platform to support other channels like your website or your Instagram account!

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