Creatitive Creates a New Brand Identity for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Tempe Chamber of Commerce Brand

Creatitive Creates a New Brand Identity for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Small businesses and local organizations are a vital part of a community’s culture, economics, and advancement. When small companies succeed, the community prospers as a whole.

At Creatitive, we take great pride in investing in the local community. A main part of our mission is to help the businesses around us grow and find success. In our experience, it’s when businesses work together, building on and relying on each other’s strengths, that they are most successful.

That’s why when we were approached by the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and asked to be part of their rebranding project, we were thrilled. The company was in need of a brand overhaul largely due to the recent growth and modernization of the surrounding community, and we readily accepted the challenge.

Creating a Lasting Legacy with a New Brand Identity

We opted for a complete brand overhaul in order to fully accomplish the intended goal of modernizing the brand and also in order to maintain cohesion among the various branding elements.

To start, we began by conducting an extensive amount of branding research. This allowed us to gain a better understanding of the competitive landscape and develop a strategy for effectively reaching the company’s targeted audience, which included both a younger demographic and the local business community.

Then we met with the owners of the company through a series of branding sessions. We created several variations for the new logo, color scheme, mission statement, and core values. Then, through a series of meetings and online surveys, we were able to narrow down the options to a finalized set of branding elements.

Logo Design & Branding

In the end, we decided on a logo design that was simple in order to attract a younger crowd. The shape of the logo was created to resemble the city itself. A curve was added to the design to allude to the sun and the moon, speaking to both the city’s daytime appearance and vibrant nightlife. The color scheme featured a vibrant blue that mimicked the brilliant color of Tempe Town Lake, one of the city’s most iconic features.

For the mission statement and core values, we strongly that it was important to speak to the organization’s leadership and innovation within the business community. Worlds like advocacy, diversity, connection, and legacy were chosen to represent the company as a whole and were carefully integrated into the brand content.

Completion & Success

In the end, we were able to give the Tempe Chamber of Commerce a new brand that was authentic to company’s identity and appealing to their audience. For our team at Creatitive, it was an honor to work on this project and we look forward to seeing the results of this endeavor as the new brand is set into motion.

If you are interested in learning more about our work for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce or have questions about creating a brand identity for your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.