Tips for Buying Custom Basketball Jerseys

custom basketball jerseys

Tips for Buying Custom Basketball Jerseys

You’ve got the lineup you’ve wanted for your up and coming basketball team. You’ve planned their workouts, their training sessions, and secured a few sponsors to give you a little extra funding. But your players needs to look the part. If you’re thinking “custom basketball jerseys,” you’re right. The right jersey can make a huge difference in team morale and shows off just how professional the players are—even if they’re little leaguers. So, how do you design a custom basketball jersey, anyway? Where do you start?


Set a Firm Budget

Customized basketball jerseys can be affordable, but the more detailed they get, the more lavish each jersey will be. Before you start designing options for your team or taking orders for shirts, bottoms and more, take the time to set a firm budget.

Look at your planned expenditure for the rest of the year, the amount of money your sponsors gave you, and see if the players are willing or able to contribute some funds for the project. Once you have a number in mind, stick to it. Look for tops and bottoms as well as materials that will fit both your players’ needs and your budget. 

Figure Out What Styles Your Team Want

There are tons of styles, colors, and materials available such as reversible fabrics for tops and other clothing. And the one that works for your custom shirts, as well as shorts, largely depends on the age and gender of your players.

Younger kids or youth teams need shirts or tops that are easy to put on and take off quickly while older players can handle maintaining, cleaning, and caring for nicer professional-grade uniforms. On the other hand, women might need tops that have better support for their body while men might need looser bottoms.

Regardless of the materials you choose, make sure you know which colors you need to delineate your team. If you’re part of a school or a league that specifies color combinations, make sure you get concurrence before you start to design custom uniforms at all. Your uniforms should reflect your brand and your league’s brand cohesively at the same time. 


When choosing custom basketball uniforms for your players, you want to make sure it is made of highest-quality materials. Professional quality means the company follows the same standard as semi-pro league and collegiate teams. Sportswear of this quality is made from exceptional fabrics, has detailed designs and meticulous lettering.

Some teams are hesitant to purchase products of professional quality because of the cost. However, it is possible to find companies that offer high-quality sportswear at a cost-competitive price.


Lighter fabrics are a good choice when selecting custom team basketball uniforms including tops as well as track hoodies for training. These types of fabrics draw moisture away from the body. They are known as breathable fabrics because they allow the body to stay cool without overheating. Coaches can choose from a variety of fabrics, but NBA mesh and dazzle is the preferred material for basketball sportswear.


Teams have the option of sewing or dyeing on letters and graphics on their uniforms. Sewn-on graphics and letters give a professional look and last longer. On the other hand, many companies use new design techniques that allow for dyeing the graphics directly on the fabric.

These graphics are less likely to come off when using dye technology. Uniforms made with either method gives a professional appearance and allows for more design options.

Color scheme

Most coaches know their teamís color scheme before shopping for uniforms. The color is important because it represents your team. However, you should consider the league regulations when choosing the color scheme.

Many leagues and tournaments require teams to follow certain guidelines to prevent teams from having the same colors. It helps to find a company that offers a large inventory with a variety of colors.


Comfort is important because performance depends on it. If a player is uncomfortable with his sleeves, he is more likely to perform poorly. Discomfort can hinder focus, which leads to bad performance.

Some sportswear can also restrict the movements of the players, for example, tops with sleeves. For these reasons, you should avoid any sportswear — tops or bottoms — that will make the players feel agonizing and sweaty.

Personal inputs

It does not hurt to ask for your team’s input. Your players are the best judges on which uniforms will allow for fluent movement and are the most comfortable. It is important to buy sportswear and equipment before the season starts. Ask your men or women for the kinds of shirts they want to wear, do they want sleeves or not?

The main thing to look for in quality basketball uniforms is to make sure that it represents an overall image of your team and helps your players perform well. 


Follow the NBA Dress Code

If you’re really not sure where to start, the best thing you can do is to look at the NBA dress code for guidance. This code stipulates that players must be dressed alike anytime they’re on the court. The numbers should be clear and visible and your team’s logo should be large enough for refs to identify teams even if you’re dressed in similar colors.

As a general rule, it’s best to keep things simple and avoid unnecessary details like complicated trim or stylized fonts.

Need Help?

Designing custom basketball jerseys doesn’t have to be difficult—you just need a little extra help to make things cohesive and professional. Schedule a consultation with our design team to create a custom uniform and help your team look like the pros they are.

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