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When a person starts managing a sports team, one of their main responsibilities at work is running fundraisers for the team! They’ll have to raise funds for everything starting from their uniforms down to obstacle courses they’ll use in training. 

Frankly speaking, running great fundraising campaigns is no easy feat. And if you’re someone who’s new to the game of raising money, things will probably be more harder for you. It’s true that reaching your very first fundraising goal will require a ton of patience and creativity — but it’s definitely not impossible even for newbies!

And in hopes of helping newcomers out, Creatitive has listed down some of the best fundraising ideas for big money! But before anything else, let’s try to understand how sports teams really raise money. 

How Do Big Projects Raise Money

Money has always been a hard pill to swallow for most athletes and sports teams. While most of them don’t really have a problem chipping in — or they might have friends and families who don’t mind helping out — things can’t stay like that forever. One way or another, a sports team’s management will have to find ways of raising funding for the team. 

And usually, they have two options to choose from; sponsorships and fundraising. Sponsorships happen when the team builds a solid following that creates opportunity for attention and publicity. Sports brands or other companies will try to propose a sponsorship agreement with the said team in exchange of exposure. 

They might ask the team to put their brand’s logo on their event posters or they might just create an entire uniform line inspired by their branding identity for them to wear. Sponsorships are one of the most well-known ways athletes raise funding and it usually is a big deal for sports teams of all sizes. For local teams, it might mean better uniforms or better fields while for larger teams, it could lead to better coaches and better salaries. 

Second to sponsorships is the age-old fundraisers! Despite the notion that maybe traditional fundraisers are not as effective as they used to be, some believe that it works with the help of big money fundraising event ideas and solid support of community members. 

Even major leagues still conduct fundraisers that are well-loved by its fans and its community. You can still make money for your nonprofit in a more collaborative way. Ultimately, these two options remain efficient sources of funding!

How Can I Make Money For My Team

While fundraisers have been around for decades, there are people who believe it’s a bigger gamble more than anything else — as mentioned earlier. They might spend hours on big money making fundraiser ideas but they still don’t have any guarantee they’ll be able to meet their goal. Some would rather spend much of their time working on creating deals with sponsors and other big brands. 

But if you took an overall look at the strategies we’ve mentioned above, you’ll realise they share one pre-requisite; a solid following. Sponsorship agreements come flooding in when teams get more attention or support. On the other hand, fundraisers events manage to meet their goal — sometimes, even do better — with the help of their fans. 

So how can you ensure you’ll raise money? By starting with building your following. While it’s true that you need exciting and attention-grabbing fundraisers, none of it will work without a solid connection with fans. So before you work on anything else on the campaign, make sure that you’ve already built a sufficient fanbase that’ll help you. 

If you need help, Creatitive has a few resources around building and leveraging fan engagement that you can check here! 

Winning Fundraising Ideas

But maybe you already have a fairly-large following but you don’t know how to create an efficient fundraising event. Here’s three fool-proof ideas!


Crowdfunding allows individuals across the world to support causes and organizations they feel passionate about by letting them donate a lot of money online. The campaign can be shared by your team, families, friends, and reach a much larger audience than a local in-person fundraiser ever can. You just need to find the right crowdfunding platform!

Platforms like Fundly can help you create engaging fundraising pages with minimal entry fees. There are other options available as well depending on the nature of your donation page — and in case you need help with that, our marketing experts have created a guide on crowdfunding!

Partner with Local Restaurants

Local restaurants, especially ones that already sponsor you are the perfect partner for your fundraiser. Approach your favorite restaurants to see if they would be willing to donate a portion of one night’s sales to support your cause. 

If they agree, turn to social media and spread the word. The more people that show up on that particular night, you’ll take home a lot of money. Make sure the restaurant also advertises the event—their regular patrons might not know about your team, and may otherwise miss the event.

Host an Auction

Auctions are a great way to get the entire community involved — as a matter of fact, it’s one of the most common fundraisers hosted by major leagues. And they can be accessible to people of all income levels. You just have to approach it the right way. As a team, auction off a few tickets to an upcoming game. 

Ask local businesses to donate things like gift cards, gift baskets, or service packages. Anything that people can bid on is fair game. Try to include a range of prizes so everyone can afford to get in on the action. This will drum up interest from the entire community, not just the current supporters of your team.

Get Advice on Sports Fundraising

No matter what type of big money fundraising ideas you’re considering, you’ll need to spread the word. And the best way to do that is through your digital marketing efforts. Let our team help you come up with a solid strategy that will help grow your team’s online presence and build support from fans near and far.

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