Are You Taking Advantage of the Right Keywords on Your Website?

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Are You Taking Advantage of the Right Keywords on Your Website?

There are various components to SEO, but the backbone behind every successful SEO campaign is a well devised keyword strategy. Choosing the right keywords for your website can make a great deal of a difference in how well your site ranks on Google search results.

It can also impact your site’s conversion rate. While there are many keywords that relate to the products or services you offer, it’s important to choose ones that your customers are searching for, as these are more likely to generate conversions.

But how do you know what keywords to choose? After all, there are hundreds of options. In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of keywords and what factors make a keyword worth targeting.

Different Types of Keywords

Before we get into discussing how to choose keywords, it will be helpful to know the different types that are out there. Keywords can generally be categorized into three different types:

Head terms – Head keywords are usually made of nothing more than one to two words. These keywords are searched for a lot, but include a broad range of results. Examples could be: cellphones, hats, or dogs

Body keywords – Body keywords are usually two to three words long and are a little more specific. These keywords have a decent amount of search traffic, but less competition than head terms. Some good examples would be: iPhone cellphones, trucker hats, or dog breeds

Long tail keywords – Long tail keywords are phrases that are usually four words or longer. These keywords have a low amount of traffic, but are very specific. Examples: white iPhone cellphones for sale, stores with trucker hats near me, or which dog breeds are smartest

Long tail keywords have the lowest search volume, but they are the most likely to result in conversions. A user that is searching for a very specific product already knows exactly what they want and is more likely to make a purchase.

However, you don’t want to rely on these searches alone. Otherwise, you miss out on the opportunity to sell your product to a huge amount of people that may be interested. Body keywords are also great to target because you still have a decent chance of being able to rank for them, and they can also increase the amount of traffic that gets to your site.

Understanding Search Intent

While it’s important to look at things like search volume and competition, perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when selecting keywords is search intent. Search intent can be described as a user’s goal in performing a search. It’s what they want to get out of or accomplish by searching a certain phrase.

People are usually looking to achieve one of four things when they perform a search. This can be categorized in the following manner:

Navigational: Searchers want to find a specific website.
Informational: Searchers have a question or are looking for information on a specific topic.
Investigational: Searchers are conducting an investigation which may lead to a purchase.
Transactional: Searchers want to make a purchase.

When choosing the right keywords for your website, it’s important to think about these four different categories. Once you know what your audience is searching for, you can create content, on page SEO, and PPC ads that align appropriately with their needs.

How to Conduct Keyword Research

The most important part of creating a keyword strategy is conducting keyword research. Once you have your head terms, you can easily figure out longer keyphrases as well as other important ranking factors like competition and search volume.

The most common way that people go about this is by using a keyword tool. Some tools are simple like Google’s Keyword Planner while others are more advanced and complex. However, there is usually a fee involved with the more advanced tools.

Once you have the right keywords, you can start creating a strategy for optimizing your website.

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